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Retake Prices - What do you think?

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    should have worked harder the first time you lazy gets
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    My schools pays for us, so we don't have to pay a thing. Probably why we're one of the poorest schools in the North East..
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    They are crazy I paid £55 pounds today for mine!
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    As a private student that pays my own entries I've realised not to fall back on retakes because they're bloody expensive. 50 quid per paper because I have to pay an extra admin fee too. It's taught me to put 110% effort in first time round.
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    (Original post by LifeIsGood)
    Can you believe it was £8/9 before, the prices are horrendous. As times aren't hard enough already
    Before when?
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    OUCH. This has made me 10x more determined to not need resets O_O
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    (Original post by Liam6993)
    Before when?
    I don't know when exactly but most probably a few years ago, my teacher told me
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    It costs 22 pounds per resit at my school, retaking 2 + 14 pounds for a photocopy of a script back, ergh.
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    re-sit prices are bloody extortionate, its daylight robbery!
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    Mine are exactly £25.00 per module , which is quite high. I remember seeing the OCR prices for entry and they were roughly £13 or so for a module so I don't know where the extra £12 goes, probably towards the school's finances.

    OCR prices for entry:
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    I think it is ridiculous. In my college they initially cost £30.00, for what an extra paper? And then it goes up to £50 and then £70 in a short term period. What is worse is the people who took January exams had only little more than a week from results to decide whether to retakes before the price went up from £30 to £50
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    i dont think so. i dont even get y its like this, i sooo badly want to sue edexcel...
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    also its not abot whether we try hard or not

    im sure every now and then a person somehow gets a flop for their grades>.>


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