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is it true too much stress can make you ill?

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    i'm in an extremely stressful relationship,although is has been better the last few days-the last few months I've been getting chest pains and one day at the gu clinic,the doctor took my bp to see if I could have the injection and they said it was dangerously high-someone told me his neighbours wife went crazy from stress after he died and she died of cancer a year later-the cancer only took two months to kill her-so,can stress really cause disease and death?
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    Of cause it can. Well, not literally, but stress has an extremely harmful influence on your immune system, your heart, the blood circuit etc. It has been proved scientifically dozens of times.
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    if you experience high levels of stress long-term then it can cause stress-related-illnesses later in life
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    Of cause it can. Well, not literally, but stress has an extremely harmful influence on your immune system, your heart, the blood circuit, it can cause depression, mental disorders etc. It has been proved scientifically dozens of times.

    Just take a look at this: Wikipedia on stress

    I don't know anything about your relationship, but if it causes severe biological reactions, it can't be too recommendable You DEFINITELY have to do something about it, bet it a psychological therapy or something else.

    Edit: Wanted to edit, ended up double posting. Sorry.
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    Very unscientific but looking over the last few times I've been ill there has been a direct correlation with my stress levels - flu during GCSE mocks, tonsilitis during GCSE science modules, cellulitus in the first week of A Levels, (and a stomach bug a few days before going back in January but I think that was more just because it was going round anyway...)

    So yeah, I don't know about the long term, but definitely in the short term stress can lower your immune system and therefore you're more likely to get ill!
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    Stress is the most problematic disease of our age. It is quite simply what makes even the most 'successful' existences nigh on unbearable, and those who struggle for better lives also come up against it. It is the curse of the 'developed' world.
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    One word: cortisol.
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    Constant high levels of stress lead to a weakened immune system so you can develop coughs and colds easier. The strain can eventually lead to heart disease etc - but thats after many many years.
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    when my mum developed cancer she was told that it was partly a result of her work - she was really unhappy and stressed... I myself get little things, like shaking, dry skin and trouble sleeping so i get irratable cause I've been really stressed since I started uni... So yeh, stress can cause illness...
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    Yes, i believe stress can make you feel physically ill. It can give you a stomach ache, headache, make you feel cold and shaky, feel exhausted, and when you're very stressed your immune system drops and you can't fight off infection as well as when you're happy and care free. This means that you could get a sore throat or flu type illness.


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Updated: March 15, 2012
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