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Pgce scarborough

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    Hello, so I have a place at scarborough pgce and I just wanted to introduce myself. As I'd really like to get to know those on my course before I get there in September as I'm really nervous yet excited at the thought of going back to uni. I'm really friendly and chatty
    Can't wait to meet you all love Steph x
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    Hellooo steph I'm on the course for September too

    I can't wait to get started! Ive been out of uni for two years now so im stressing about getting back into it all!!
    Going to look at a few places to live at the weekend I live up north and fancy a flat to live in for the year... I wasn't 100% keen on the managed Accommodation. Ecause there was noone else signed up to go into it when I asked..... Although it is still early days! ...

    It's my first time away from home at the grand age of 23 and definitely in need of a few friendly faces before we all start!! Look forward to chattig to everyone ....

    Jessicca xxx
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    hello Jessicca I live up north too so im hoping I can go home at the odd weekend do I don't get too homesick, I've got a flat by myself just because of bad experiences and I'm going back into my old flat. There's some spare ones on student pad he's a great landlord and would mean we can host dinner parties and stuff, so we wouldn't be lonely yet still have the time to ourselves when needed. I can't wait to start, just saving up working like mad as a shop assistant in next at teesside park haha. hopefully you find somewhere or if your going to commute you can always stay over at mine every now and then my flat has a double bed and bunkbeds as its for a family in the summer. can't wait to meet everyone, steph
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    Yeahh I know you work in. NExt because i spotted you and stalked you lmao... I live Stockton aren't you from Redcar? I'll be home some weekends don't know wether to leave my car at home instead of driving it about... You'll know the best places to go and what busses and things to get! Although ive never been a bus go-er! Haha you'll have to be a tour guide!!
    I'm going to look at flat 3 on Saturday which one are you in?? Xxx
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    I'm glad you stalked me get to have a good old natter
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    :hello: Welcome to TSR!

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    Ive got into the course too! yay. Cant wait to start, even tho I am nervous about it and I have to sort out the conditional first! Im from Sheffield so I also have to more to Scarborough if I dont want to do a really long journey every day!

    Nada x
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    Ive got on too. super happy From Manchester, so im going to move to Scarborough for the year.. are you going in halls or going to house share? xx
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    Hi I'm on the course too! I'm from Cheshire so I'm moving too. Glad I found some this forum as would be nice to get to know people a bit before we go. Lisa x
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    Im looking for a house share I think. Im guessing it would be cheaper? Would be great if us PGCE students lived together! Nada x
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    Welcome to TSR!
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    Im on the course for September too! Already live in scarbs tho
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    Hi, im on the course too, i have set up a facebook group but it's hard to find for some reason, if you add me then ill send you an invite to the group. Vicky Jones, my profile pic is me wearing blue dress stood with hubby
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    come join us on fb chloe, though it's nearly impossible to find us!
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    Right PGCE Early Years Scarborough 2012 search for that in groups and it comes up!!!x
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    I'm starting in September to and wanting to move in to housing as well. I know on the day they said they will put all pgce students together :/
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    Hiiii, just joined it yayy!! added everyone in it as friends too xx
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    I can't seem to find the Facebook group :s x
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    holly if you type in PGCE Early Years Scarborough 2012.x


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