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The Apprentice 2012

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    It's back on Wednesday, March 21. I have to admit I didn't regularly watch the last couple of series but I'm planning on being more invested in the show this time around. Anybody else going to be watching?

    This year's female contestants (left to right): Laura Hogg, Maria O'Connor, Jenna Whittingham, Jane McEvoy, Bilyana Apostolova, Gabrielle Omar, Katie Wright, Jade Nash

    This year's male contestants (left to right): Michael Copp, Azhar Siddique, Nick Holzherr, Tom Gearing, Duane Bryan, Adam Corbally, Ricky Martin, Stephen Brady

    Ricky Martin is a 26 year old recruitment team leader and is also a wrestler. Says: "I truly am the reflection of perfection"

    Katie Wright, an editorial and research director, is 26. Says: "I would call myself 'The Blonde Assassin. I let people underestimate me so I can blow them out of the water"

    Stephen Brady, 33, is a sales manager based in Vienna. Says: "Enthusiasm is a huge asset of mine and I believe it's caught and not taught"

    Bilyana Apostolova is a 25-year-old Bulgarian born risk analyst. Says: "I got myself from a Communist block of flats in Bulgaria to the top of a skyscraper in the heart of the City of London"

    Adam Corbally, 32, is a market trader from Derbyshire. Says: "I get too excited but that shows my passion, it shows my drive and it shows my ability"

    Jane McEvoy is a 28-year-old co-founder of a food manufacturing company in Kilkenny, Ireland. Says: Anything is achievable if you have drive, ambition and a seriously good work ethic"

    Azhar Siddique, 33, is the founder and managing director of a catering and refrigeration company, and lives in Manchester. Says: "It's not who shouts the loudest; it's who has the ability to control the situation"

    Jade Nash, 29, is a former 18-30 rep turned business development manager. Says: "What I want is to be able to retire when I'm 45, but I'm such a workaholic that I'll probably carry on until I'm 80"

    Duane Bryan, 29, from Manchester is the founder/director of a drinks distribution company and is inspired by the Jaegermeister brand. Says: "I am a winner and I am a fighter, in order to be the best you've got to beat the best"

    Gabrielle Omar is a 29-year-old architect from London. Says: "When it comes to business I can be like an animal and I will roar my way to the top"

    Michael Copp, 31, is the managing director of a kitchen and bedroom furniture retailer. Says: "I'm better than unique; I'm naturally gifted in business"

    Maria O'Connor is a 20-year-old restaurateur who opened her own Greek restaurant a year ago. Says: "If you chuck me in the deep end, I'll swim, I won't sink"

    Nick Holzherr is a 25-year-old technology entrepreneur from Birmingham. Says: "I've got loads of ideas and I know how to whittle them down into ideas that will work and I've got what it takes to make them actually happen"

    Laura Hogg, 28, is a bridal shop owner and former ice skater. Says: "I am going to be one of Scotland's next great exports"

    Tom Gearing, 23, is the director of a fine wine investment company. Says: "I'm confident, charismatic, and some people say I'm quite good looking so that adds to the bill"

    Jenna Whittingham is a 25-year-old beauty salon owner from Lancashire who has never been away from home for more than a week. Says: "My personality and character is 'once seen never forgotten"
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    Can't wait :dance:
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    Ricky Martin? Straight home from LSE open day to this, perfect
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    Exciting :teeth:

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    Really looking forward to it

    Will move back to Mondays after Empire finishes or will it remain on a Wednesday?
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    Bottom left blond female could get some warmth intercoursed into her soul.

    Why do they always look so bitchy and cold?
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    Can't wait!

    I always love seeing the pics of the contestants before the show starts...and I think we all make the same judgements year after year!! Looking forward to seeing who the various character types are this year.
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    What's Bilyana sayin'?
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    cant wait!!!

    im hoping we get someone like mohammed from junior apprentice just for the laughs!
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    Ricky Martin; I bet he's going to be living da vida loca :awesome:
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    (Original post by secretmessages)
    Exciting :teeth:

    I only watch it for Nick!

    His wit is drier than the Sahara
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    Could someone just simply explain what it is? Thanks
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    I'm hoping for a similar comedic gem this series.
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    mega mega excited:excited:
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    (Original post by tehforum)

    I'm hoping for a similar comedic gem this series.
    genius, absolute genius. I remember that, it was so funny and still is
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    No prize for finding the most attractive female this series.
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    can't wait!! love this show :excited:
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    I have four deadlines on Tuesday and the seasons of three of my favourite American shows have ended... This is a good relief.
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    (Original post by crocker710)
    Ricky Martin; I bet he's going to be living da vida loca :awesome:
    I see what you did there :giggle:
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    Ooh, I had no idea it was coming back again so soon. Thanks a lot for the heads up OP :yy:

    That's pretty impressive that they have a 20-year-old on there. She must be the youngest they've had so far, no? I'm the same age and haven't succeeded in anything so far :sigh:


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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