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How many sugars in your tea?

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    Just a random question, I used to have 2 teaspoons but now ive cut down to 1 and sometimes even a half ...
    My brother though can't have tea without having like at least 4 teaspoons of sugar .. So wanted to know what everyone else's preferences are?
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    This may horrify people but I don't put sugar in my tea. My mum never did so it was a case of 'monkey see monkey do'. I have a friend who puts in 2 tablespoons into their tea and they're bouncing off the walls.
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    I used to have sugar in my tea when I was a child, but as I've gotten older I've grown less attached to it.
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    Personally im a two sugar man lol but have been trying to cut down to one for ages. I go with one then accidently, someone puts two in my tea at work and it just tastes so much better! grrr trying to convince myself it doesnt though
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    None at all Except for in bad coffee, where I just spoon it in to try and dull the otherwise brutal taste!
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    Two or three, depending on the size of the mug.
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    Used to be 2, now down to 0. None of my friendship groups take sugar, it's their influences.
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    One, or a couple of sweetners. On a working day must have at least 3/4 teas at work.

    Coffee is more like 3 sugars, although trying to bring this down. Never sweetners.
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    Three and I may aswell be drinking 'sugary water' according to some people I know...
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    Zero. I don't like tea! :p:
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    It tastes absolutely minging with sugar in.
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    My friend has like 8 sugars in his coffee. It's crazy.
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    None, I was never allowed and now I refuse to even try it -.-
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    none, tastes like **** with sugar. Used to have it when I was younger, then realised It just tasted horrible
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    two sweeteners. Three if I have a massive cup though.

    Hubby has three no matter which cup he uses.
    Mother in law has four in a small cup.
    My dad has two in his coffee (not a tea drinker).
    My mother has none.

    When I was a kid I always had a teaspoon of honey in my tea, like my grandma did. That is still my preference, but sweeteners are less calories.
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    me tea about 2-3

    In cofee 4+
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    Two if it's a casual drink. Probably more if it's to wake me up, or keep me awake.


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