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Will my poor attendance lower my chances of getting an offer?

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    I am currently in my AS year and I am planning to apply to Oxford as an international student. My attendance this year is quite bad due to being constantly sick (problems with the immune system). However it does not affect my studies as I prefer to study at home and find that i am more productive and manage to do more work than when i am at school. I am predicted As in all of my subjects.
    Will Oxford see my poor attendance in the application form and will it somehow lower my chances of being accepted, even if my grades are good enough?
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    Aslong as you get really good grades, not really.
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    Im sure that the uni's don't get to see your attendance, the only mention of it is usually in your reference from your teachers. This is happens at my college anyway so it shouldn't affect your offers.

    Good Luck!
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    I had pretty bad attendance too in lower sixth (wanted to study at home, anxiety & other mental health issues, plus our school didn't start study leave until halfway through my AS exams :rolleyes: ), though this wasn't mentioned anywhere in my application and it didn't stop me getting an offer. So provided your grades are good I don't see how it would make a difference :dontknow:
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    I just made sure it wasn't mentioned in my reference that I had an attendance of 60-something% - I doubt your teacher would write that anyway as it would obviously be detrimental to your application.
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    Probably not!
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    thank you for the replies!
    I was beginning to stress about it
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    I had appalling attendance, especially at A2, and it didn't seem to do me any harm.
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    v unlikely as u have gd reasons
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    as youre an international student i doubt it, it would be a good idea to get your refferee to mention the reason in her refference though just incase.


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