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Does anyone think that coursework deadline policies are too harsh?

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    It does irritate me when they are militant about deadlines but then don't bother to mark the work for absolutely ages.

    For example, I had an assignment to hand in on the 15th December. My friend was ill so had an extension and handed hers in on the 15th January. When she gave it to the secretary, she saw the huge pile of completely unmarked essays behind her.... they hadn't even started! Frankly, we could have had the whole holidays to do that but instead, they made us hand them in at the end of the semester and we didn't get them back until late February.
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    Sorry but if the deadline wasn't strictly enforced then what would be the point of it existing? You should've got the work in on time like everyone else!
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    (Original post by el pollo diablo)
    I'm well aware of what 'extenuating circumstances' covers. Those other problems you refer to can be resolved by simply asking for help/advice and starting early.
    At some universities, it also doesn't cover things like, "I set off to hand in my essay in plenty of time, but due to an unforeseeable 5 hour delay in the trains I didn't get there until after the deadline."

    Thankfully, I've not yet had to test this at my university...


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Updated: March 18, 2012
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