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Human Rights CW Help!!!

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    Hi, I have some Coursework due in soon and am having trouble. The question is this, '

    To what extent does the United Nations approach to human rights protection offer advantages over the European regional approach? Discuss this with reference to one or two specific rights and relevant case authorities' - 4000 words.

    My question is, can anyone think up any specific areas, (like torture/feminism/freedom of movement or any rights in particular) where the UN has advantages over the EU? I'm stuck on this one and any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks.
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    highlight how the ECHR prioritises civil and political rights over social and economic, with particular reference to Abu Quatada who because evidence obtained through torture might be used against him so, will not be deported to Jordan,even though they say he poses a risk to society, so then you have to look at the UN instruments and how they deal with social and economic rights , whether tat approach offers advantages is then something you have to find out for yourself and discuss


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