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Getting upset with the lack of English-speaking people in England.

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Could 16-year-olds have swung the referendum the other way? 23-06-2016
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    Ok, so I can see both sides of this. The thing is, I think we ought to sit in the middle somewhere.Its ok to still speak your language, support your country, be proud of your nationality and live abroad. But you should definetly learn the local language too, get involved with their culture. Its a hard thing to manage, I know, but if you choose to move to a new country, make an effort to support that country. But don't feel like you have to abandon your culture. You don't. Just accept that where you live now isn't your home country. It is different. Embrace that. Accept it. Everywhere would be somuch better.
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    (Original post by Wilfred Little)
    You're taking the piss tbh. Our drinking culture is notorious and even if other countries drank more it doesn't make it any less of a problem. One of the saddest sights I see is when I'm in the supermarket and the amount of alcohol people buy, it depresses me. And yes I am miserable about it, I see it controlling many people's lives, and killing people close to me, yet people play it down and tell me I'm a killjoy or a spoilsport? Alcohol is a hard drug, yet we get a pass to abuse it. Post on Facebook about waking up in your own vomit after a party where you injected heroin and people will think you have serious problems. Do the same but from alcohol and you'll probably get about 10 people click 'like' and call you a legend for it.

    Scroll through your Facebook news feed and look at the amount of mavericks who post about how "messy" they got last night. :rolleyes:

    Abusing alcohol is glorified and actually encouraged here amongst the majority of young people. Older people don't glorify it as much but that's probably down to them being alcoholics by then.



    You a Palace fan?
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    You now have to pass a basic language test to immigrate to the UK.

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    Wow what a coward.... Why dont you tell your girlfriend this upfront? Because you aint got no balls boy.....
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    (Original post by hughcapet)
    It's worth a try, but in my experience left-wingers are utterly incapable of reflecting on their own actions and beliefs; any attempt to point out their hypocrisy will be met with confusion and denial.

    The left has its head so far up its arse that it won't even allow for the possibility that other people have a valid reason for opposing it. Save your breath for more open-minded folk.
    Wow. You're unfounded political stereotypes make you the very model of what you just described.

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    (Original post by Eva_UK)
    You now have to pass a basic language test to immigrate to the UK.

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    Now you do, they should always have had one
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    I don't mind EU migrants, the more EU migrants the less non-white third world migrants.
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    Funny how people always seems to mix up English with British and use both synonymously as if they are one of the same word.
    I'm a British Citizen and live in England even born here! Yet I'm not English by heritage.......

    Edit: But they are not the same words, remain ignorant if you want! :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I find this really offensive. How dare you say that England doesn't have a culture! ....We have country fairs with food competitions, fish and chips on the beach followed by a Mr Whippy. Watching Made in Chelsea, The Only Way of Essex, Desperate Scousewives.
    That's nothing to be proud of. Those things are actually quite shameful
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    (Original post by de_monies)
    That's nothing to be proud of. Those things are actually quite shameful
    I think they were being sarcastic...
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    (Original post by Snagprophet)
    The issue is that he goes to a shop in England and the people who work there can't understand him.
    Perhaps he has a strong accent? A lot of shops around here are owned by Asians, but I'll guarantee you that the people that work in those shops understand English
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    (Original post by fuzznbass)
    I think they were being sarcastic...
    I think the OP was being serious, when they mentioned a lot of good things before that, and you just have to notice the tone of the OP's language
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    (Original post by mabrookes)
    You should read the whole thread before commenting, and no one has a problem knowing multiple languages but only talking in a foreign language is plain rude and there is a massive problem of people who speak NO english here - all of which you gloss over.
    I disagree. It's rude to speak to others in your own language, when they don't understand English, but if you can speak another language fluently and don't want as many people eavesdropping, why would you not use that language?

    (Original post by mabrookes)
    Curries were invented in Britain by someone whos family came from India but considered himself completely British and invented a new food to display this. At least do some research before ranting inanely.
    Curries were INTRODUCED to Britain. They were invented in India, and were originally made from food that was going off, and spices helped mask the fact that the food had gone off

    (Original post by mabrookes)
    No one would resent occasionally talking in person or on the phone in any language, especially if the person on the other end of the phone was in another country. But the fact you think this is an equivalent to the problems we are actually facing at the moment is laughable.
    How dare they talk in another language, so that people don't eavesdrop?

    (Original post by mabrookes)
    contribution is about as helpful as a ranting BNP racist, the ranting BNP racist would at least probably believe they were doing the right thing rather than this blatantly petty and unhelpful attack.
    Ironically enough, yours seems the same
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    I agree somewhat. What's the point of coming to England long-term and working here if you don't even bother to learn to speak the language. It doesn't matter if your pronunciation is horrible, if you can be understood in a normal conversation then you're fine.
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    (Original post by brownchocolateice)
    Wow so you posted as anonymous on relationships to post on what is really a non-relationship topic i.e. your intolerance to non-English speaking cultures. If you are against people who are bilingual, or those who prefer to speak their natural tongue a language they are comfortable with, then why don't you date a white English girl? You'll have no English problems then. If you choose to date someone from a diverse background then you should try to accept their language as well. Why should your gf know English and you not know her language?

    There are English people living in countries such as India, Ghana etc for many decades and they don't learn the local tongue. I don't hear of mass debate against them. What about the English who lived in Pakistan and India for 200 years. They did not integrate, accept local customs, speak the local language. Asians have been here 50 years and yet you can't cope with them wanting to retain their identity. Have you ever thought about how your ancestors imposed their foreign traditions and will on them and how many cultures you displaced? How treasures and valuables like Kohinoor were stolen from those lands?

    btw i live in Aus so you can't say you're going to deport me cos im not being English enough. What about food? If you only want English everything then you should not eat asian foods like vindaloo or chicken tikka etc. They are not English foods. Doesn't that mean you should only stick to SHepherd's pie or bread and butter or people in asian countries should not like to eat pastries etc.

    If your gf doesn't push your culture at you then don't worry. Just run away and have your relationship with her. Tell her to cut relationship with her parents if she doesn't want to deal with their imposing ways or even compromise. She should also not accept excess help or monetary support from her parents if she wants to reject everything about them.

    I actually believe the vocal anti-immigrant lot on tsr is a minority. My friend who is indian is dating a white girl. Both families like each other and both make attempts to learn each other's culture. My friend's gf wants to learn his language and get more involved. Even attempting to do that is praiseworthy.
    If you don't want to attempt to learn a new culture then shouldn't you date within a culturally homogenous group such as yourself. I have Chinese friends who speak Mandarin on the phone. I don't understand but i don't resent it.

    This is not to say people shouldn't speak English they should but they shouldn't forget their own heritage. Why you pick on Indians or Ghanians is beyond me. What about Irish, or Scottish people proud of their non-ENglish background. What about English people living in Aus for past 20 years and still waving the English flags and supporting the English team. If they love England so much they should move back, why come here. Same for Australians who support Australia but live in England.
    Why prejudice against ethnic minorities who are not white and want to retain their cultural heritage? That smacks of racism.

    You live in Australia you should bloody support Aus then mate. That's what you would think but i think they should support who they identify with as long as they contribute to the country of residence. Besides, coming to a country at age 50-60 and having responsibility to take care of grandchildren as many asian grandparents who come here do, often means they don't have a chance to fully learn english. Why should they at that age? They don't work here and the fact they act as role of carer, allowing their children to work, means they contribute to society

    Totally agree with you. All cultures have their good and bad points , i am foriegn and i do speak fluent english , but thats not really the OPs problem is it? , they want all ppl to integrate into this culture , while i like some parts of this culture like people being so polite (even if it is only publicly ) , and the amount of support given by everyone to everyone , so many nice charities , and yes England is very well developed no matter how the economy But as i am a teenager , i can quite clearly see the major crisis within this culture , AND NO just to integrate i am not going to start drinking , smoking and taking drugs , and socializing in parties to just get into every girls pants and start shunning away my parents , just cause i am too old for them now. No im sorry , but i am way too above these like petty things.

    But i do agree , all these things may be a common norm here (it is WRONG) , but it doesnt apply to everyone here , thankfully all my friends from England are not like this , so to be honest , this should not be a culture debate , instead we should feel sorry for these certain type of immature individuals , and hope they GET WELL SOON.

    PS can someone tell me why Alcohol is sooooo over rated, even after excessive intake is bad for health. I mean have you ever tried milkshakes and fruit juices????
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    (Original post by nonswimmer)
    I hope your girlfriend finds this, reads this, and dumps you.

    Edit: Literally cannot believe how much neg I got for this.
    Why should someone have to feel like a stranger in their own country?
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    (Original post by madders94)
    I think English is appropriate here, actually. This seems to be fairly restricted to England - in Wales we speak Welsh, at least in the north we do, and yet we don't go to England for a week and demand they speak our language and make our food and live by our culture - and yet, if you look at the English on holiday in places like France or Spain, I've seen people demand that they stop speaking Spanish so that they can understand. No, you learn some of the language (enough to get by) before you go!

    I used to work on a holiday site popular with English tourists from the Midlands, Liverpool and Manchester mostly, and I did have a few times where people saw it fit to come up and complain about the Welsh people speaking Welsh, insisting that we should all speak English when they're around because it's rude. If I want to have a conversation with someone who I usually converse with in Welsh, and there is an English person nearby who isn't part of the conversation whatsoever, why should I change to please him?

    I'm not expecting them to learn to speak Welsh, because that's just as bad as the OP. If they do come and live here, if they do learn to speak it, that's great, but if they don't, as long as they don't insist we all change for them, it's absolutely fine. I've never seen a Welsh person get as millitant about immigrants and their integration or lack of it as the English do.
    There's a difference between speaking Welsh, a Celtic language native to the British Isles that predates English, and Urdu.
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    (Original post by de_monies)
    Curries were INTRODUCED to Britain. They were invented in India, and were originally made from food that was going off, and spices helped mask the fact that the food had gone off
    I heard that this was a myth peddled by BNP types about curries and struggle to find anything that confirms this to me. Isn't curry pretty much a generic term used in the west for spiced food from the Indian subcontinent?
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    OP paagal ah.
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