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PGCE: A viable option?

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    Okay I'l start by outlining my current situation:

    I'm 22, finished an undergraduate degree in physics in 2010 for which I got a 3rd class degree and now live in my own rented place and work.

    What I would like to do this year is apply to do a PGCE and do that come September but I'm really not sure how I will be able to afford to do it or whether or not it's even worth going through the application process with a 3rd.

    I've looked up the ITT scheme the government uses to give bursaries to people doing PGCEs in high demand subjects if you hold a degree in it but you can only qualify if you have at least a 2:2.

    Looking at the student finance available I can get a loan to cover my full fees, a maintenance loan of £3,875 and a maintenance grant of £3,250. That make a total of £7125 to survive an entire year on and after rent that's not even enough to buy food let alone pay bills or spend anything else.

    These are my questions:
    1) Is doing a PGCE going to be a viable option for me from a purely academic stand point? Will courses accept me if I apply?
    2) If so is there any other source of funding available to people wanting to do a PGCE is physics or more general science?

    I would really appreciate any help or input from anyone in a similar position.

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    During my undergraduate degree I survived on less money than that so it can be done


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