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Does UCL CompSci start from scratch?

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    That is, are we expected to know any Java (or any other language) before we go in, or will the course cover everything starting from the basics?

    I imagine they do start from scratch, but I'm beginning to worry that maybe they don't & I'll be way behind everyone else Can any current/former students clear this up?

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    (Original post by LáBreáBrothallach)
    I'm going to UCL for CompSci in September and I was wondering the same thing...

    But I found this page http://www-typo3.cs.ucl.ac.uk/admiss...raduate/#c1893 that has info on all of the modules you'll be doing, and apparently you don't learn Java and stuff until the 2nd Term.

    It looks like it starts with the very basics... At least I hope it does
    Hey thanks That's very reassuring. Somehow I didn't see those pages.

    And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one on this boat It's great to meet someone else doing CS! Which course did you apply for, the MEng?

    Sorry I took so long to reply btw, been busy these past few days ><
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    I applied for a major in Computer Science (International Programme) and I received a conditional offer. I am now undecided between Imperial College (Computing) and UCL. What do you suggest?
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    (Original post by chiliagono)
    I applied for a major in Computer Science (International Programme) and I received a conditional offer. I am now undecided between Imperial College (Computing) and UCL. What do you suggest?
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    You will learn from scratch- no prior knowledge needed (Java/other programming etc)

    If you can understand pesudocode it might help with the first few logic/theory lectures
    I remember seeing x = x + 1 and thinking wtf is going on here lol. (Let x be what x was plus 1)

    Don't worry though, the majority of freshers straight out of 6th form had never coded before the course so you're all in the same boat!
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    Thank you for your answers. I am following the topic.. it looks horrible


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