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"I can listen to anything except..."

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    Bored so thought of this.

    Complete the sentence in the title. Then we can all call you an idiot and neg eachother if we disagree.

    To begin, I can listen to anything except that screaming/growling music

    edit (pasted from page 2): It [the title statement] annoys me as well but I didn't want to rant. The idea was that someone else would post a decent song of whatever genre someone else didn't like to see if they could change their mind, only I wasn't sure how popular the thread was going to be so I didn't bother
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    The guy in the flat downstairs warbling loudly of an evening to assorted tunes.
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    My lecturers.
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    J-pop, k-pop, j-rock etc. Only because i dont understand a word they're saying, otherwise the music is really catchy!

    However, German bands like Rammstein and Tokio Hotel are a totally different story - I started teaching myself German so I could understand what was being said in some of TH's songs!
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    "I can listen to anything except" annoys me almost as much "I listen to anything as long as it's good". **** YOU
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    People who come out with this bull**** statement ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS finish it with "metal" or a loose description of metal. BORING. At least fans of "alternative" music don't start the sentance with a lie that they "listen to anything.....". Weak. SO weak :yawn:
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    Jessie J, her voice grinds my ear drums into a pulp
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    ... when I have to listen to it!
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    One Direction.
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    Jazz! I really can't stand listening to jazz, makes my ears bleed!
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    Adele. So overrated.
  16. Online

    Dubstep. I've listened to all the 'main' artists of the genre, both the poppy and 'underground' ones, and all of it is cancerously bad.
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    Nicki Minaj especially that latest song of hers called stupid hoe...
    so vulgar!
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    Most things.
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Updated: April 3, 2012
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