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weird turning-point in friendship.

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    (using my friends id for this post)

    Me and this girl are really close. We met around september, but since then we've
    hit it off crazy well. Since september, I've slept with about 4 girls and she's been with 1 guy, but many times with him. Right now, im not with anybody, but shes kind of with that same guy.

    When I was pursuing the last girl, she behaved weird and refused to go out with us and such. And now that shes with that guy, Im being quite a dick and always teasing her and talking about him loudly. its all a bit kiddish, but its only because i dont know where to take it from here. Help? Do you feel like we both have feelings for each other somewhere that comes out to look like jealousy when we're with other people?
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    It's possible...but don't you think she would stop sleeping with that guy if she has feelings for you? I don't tend to be that way inclined but if I liked a guy and wanted to impress him, I'd probably not have a **** buddy it might give the impression that I'm interested in somebody other than him. It's hard to tell whether she just enjoys your attention. It seems like you have feelings for her but it's hard to tell if she has feelings for you unless that other guy is out of the picture.
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    im sure theres about 3 of these?
    just tell her how you feel and stop acting like that?


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Updated: March 15, 2012
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