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2012 Fantasy F1 league thread.

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    Im in for this year

    Glad I kept faith with Vettel as he top-scored.

    Annoyed with Kobayashi's points haul - do you get anything for a fastest lap?

    Grosjean got a solid haul too.

    Constructors were OK-ish, with the McLarens 2 and 3, Saubers finshing well and both STRs coming home.

    Second yaay!

    (Original post by AlexInWonderland)
    1 Yates AlexInWonderland 141
    2 Stormchasers mczakk 111
    3 Motorbikers team Motorbiker 109
    4 HESKEY LolageArmy 107
    5 Pikachu Racing scifiboy2011 104
    6 SWIFT Racing F1 fanatic 89
    7 Barrichellos Brazilian marcusmerehay 83
    8 Team Wales welsh driver 71
    9 AlonsoIsTheBestSinceSenna kenanandkel 71
    10 France tehFrance 67
    11 Gogledd Racing speilberg 64
    12 BRG Racing dhr90 61
    13 Oziris Oziris 61
    14 DundeeUnited dundeeunited 46
    15 Allys Angels Allison Blackley 42

    Wahayy, in the lead
    Just noticed you're 32nd in the World Championship. Good effort!

    Awful result for me this weekend

    Overall ranking: 101!!!

    If only I could get predictions right! Drivers and constructors looking good for the season ahead! Maldonado retiring was bad but Vergne and Glock are doing me wonders!

    My constructors let me down today. :sad:

    Vettel pole and victory and Grosjean third came up trumps though.

    Haven't made any predos since week 1 either, which isn't helping my cause.

    Swapping out Kobayashi for Vergne now, since the latter seems to make up a lot of places in races.

    I'm thinking of changing some of my team too, I knew it was risky having a driver of one of the teams I own. Need to evaluate my midfielder combinations.

    Today's predictions were way out: Rosberg on pole, Hamilton 1st, Rosberg 2nd and Button 3rd. Can't remember my fastest lap prediction.
    I really hope this isnt a return to Vettel being the safest bet!
    • Thread Starter

    1 HESKEY LolageArmy 208
    2 Stormchasers mczakk 193
    3 Yates AlexInWonderland 180
    4 Pikachu Racing scifiboy2011 177
    5 Motorbikers team Motorbiker 170
    6 SWIFT Racing F1 fanatic 165
    7 Barrichellos Brazilian marcusmerehay 139
    8 Oziris Oziris 132
    9 DundeeUnited dundeeunited 132
    10 Gogledd Racing speilberg 129
    11 Team Wales welsh driver 120
    12 AlonsoIsTheBestSinceSenna kenanandkel 120
    13 France tehFrance 117
    14 BRG Racing dhr90 110
    15 Allys Angels Allison Blackley 91
    16 JoshV josh_v 42

    I got 0 predictions right...

    Also, My teams didn't do well. Didn't expect Lotus to be doing so well so lost a load of points.

    still second!

    1 HESKEY Like_A_G6 289
    2 Yates AlexInWonderland 288
    3 Pikachu Racing Scifiboy2011 278
    4 Stormchasers Mczakk 244
    5 SWIFT Racing F1 Fanatic 235
    6 Motorbikers Team Motorbiker 224
    7 DundeeUnited Dundeeunited 209
    8 Barrichellos Brazilian Marcusmerehay 184
    9 Team Wales Welsh Driver 184
    10 AlonsoIsTheBestSinceSenna Kenanandkel 181
    11 Gogledd Racing Speilberg 180
    12 France TehFrance 169
    13 Oziris Oziris 166
    14 BRG Racing Dhr90 158
    15 Allys Angels Allison Blackley 131
    16 JoshV Josh_v 93

    Happy with world ranking of 102, although Alex is only 1 point behind me

    (Original post by Like_A_G6)

    Happy with world ranking of 102, although Alex is only 1 point behind me
    Yeah good result for my team this week, although I only got 1 prediction correct (to be fair, I doubt many people did well in predictions this week!)

    Bad weekend for my team - think Grosjean was my top-scorer fml.

    It's a good thing I changed Mercedes for Lotus, McLaren and Red Bull didn't help me with their poor scores, but Maldonado's win bagged be 25 points and I really need to get my predictions right. Annoyed I keep getting most wrong! xD Still, on the bright side, less than 80 points off the lead with a solid team for the rest of the season!

    1 HESKEY Like_A_G6 365
    2 Stormchasers mczakk 361
    3 Yates AlexInWonderland 344
    4 SWIFT Racing F1 fanatic 334
    5 Pikachu Racing scifiboy2011 328
    6 Motorbikers team Motorbiker 301
    7 DundeeUnited dundeeunited 279
    8 Gogledd Racing speilberg 272
    9 AlonsoIsTheBestSinceSenna kenanandkel 260
    10 Barrichellos Brazilian marcusmerehay 233
    11 Team Wales welsh driver 233
    12 Allys Angels Allison Blackley 229
    13 France tehFrance 221
    14 Oziris Oziris 188
    15 BRG Racing dhr90 182
    16 JoshV josh_v 121

    Bad week for me, especially in predictions. Although to only have lost 21 points from last time in terms of league standings, I'm guessing not that many people did too well this time either.

    Nothing quite like slipping down the order.

    Thanks Grosjean. Thanks Vergne. Thanks McLaren. Thanks Sauber. :facepalm2:
    • Thread Starter

    In any normal season i would be kicking ass. Similiar combination as to what i used last year and was like 45th ih the world at this race last year...

    Predicitions are just complete random luck this year it seems...

    (Original post by Motorbiker)
    In any normal season i would be kicking ass. Similiar combination as to what i used last year and was like 45th ih the world at this race last year...

    Predicitions are just complete random luck this year it seems...
    Very true! I think I've only matched one or two predictions this season. It's a complete lottery, but it's very entertaining!

    I've just asked to join- WDA Racing

    I didn't see this league was up, but Ive been playing from the start

    Come on guys, what's going on:

    1 SWIFT Racing F1 fanatic 621
    2 HESKEY Like_A_G6 553
    3 Stormchasers mczakk 513
    4 DundeeUnited dundeeunited 507
    5 AlonsoIsTheBestSinceSenna kenanandkel 497
    6 Yates AlexInWonderland 473
    7 Gogledd Racing speilberg 473
    8 Motorbikers team Motorbiker 451
    9 Pikachu Racing scifiboy2011 444
    10 Allys Angels Allison Blackley 420
    11 Team Wales welsh driver 403
    12 France tehFrance 365
    13 BRG Racing dhr90 359
    14 Barrichellos Brazilian marcusmerehay 338
    15 Oziris Oziris 334
    16 JoshV josh_v 229


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Updated: November 27, 2012
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