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Scarborough PGCE firm applicants

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    Hello, my name is Steph, ive got a conditional place at Scarborough for the PGCE early years. Im really nervous about going back to university, so i just wanted to get to know those who have accepted their offers and are firm. So i can get to know everyone on the course before we start, as i thought it would be nice to ease nervousness of the prospect of starting a course with people you need to work with for the next year. Hope to hear from you all soon , cant wait and well done! steph xxx
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    Hi I'm on the course too! I'm from Cheshire working as a TA atm so I'll have to get used to being back at uni. Glad I found this forum as would be nice to get to know people a bit before we go. Lisa x
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    Hey, I have a place too looking forward to the pre-course day when hopefully we can get started on reading lists or something, i cant wait!! I just want sept to hurry up!!
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    Hi, im Vicky also been offered a place. I have created a group on facebook so we can chat easily, but it's hard to find for some reason, if you add me then ill send you the link to it. It's Vicky Jones profile pic is me in a blue dress and hubby in a suit.xx
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    I can't find you on fb I'm Steph Pinkle Pearson on fb if that's easier fb pic of me in a hourglass shaped black netted dress if ya get wat I mean lol x
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    Hi I can't find you or the group on Facebook I'm Lisa Clarke. In my pic I'm wearing a dark blue dress and my friend has a white top and black cardigan. Hope that helps! Xx
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    i'll try and find you, no the group isnt showing up for some reason hang on...
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    steph i've added you as friend, still trying to find you lisa, can i add hometown to my search?
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    search now PGCE Early Years Scarborough 2012.x
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    I've found it thanks


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