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    Anyone been to their Assessment Centres? If so, how are they?
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    How much of you soul did you have to pay to get an AC invite? 2/3?
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    Aww the jealousy is charming .
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    I am not sure if you are serious, but I give you the reason why I would never waste a second of my time applying to them:

    It's a company in essence ran by Putin, a man not known for being reliant on. While I do work in banking, I still like to think that I have still a bit of integrity left in me.
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    Who give's a rat's ass who its run by if its good technical knowledge about the industry and pays well.
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    (Original post by SonnyZH)
    Who give's a rat's ass who its run by if its good technical knowledge about the industry and pays well.
    It's a ****ing corrupt company.

    If you dont care about the moral side of it, I guess you are good to go. I just hate Putin way too much to ever work for them.
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    they are annoying applied ages ago it just drags on
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    Their head of trading in London is hilarious.
    They run like a hedge fund so expect to think like a hedgie. Know the energy markets well and what they dominate in.
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    russian gas giant


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Updated: March 20, 2012
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