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Flatmates preferences

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    I just got a room in student accommodation and on the unite-student web page I can view my future flatmates but one thing is confusing. In the table I can see a few sections, one of them is 'preferences' other one 'wants to share with' I am sure you guys have seen it. For all rooms listed 'preferences' section says: non-smoker, non-vegetarian, female... 'wants to share with' section is blank. Does it mean all my flatmates would be female or male? I ticked 'mixed' on the application... I dont know how I should understand it, and if it means that I would be the only male with 4 females in the flat should I be happy or prepare for nightmare?
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    Prepare for a nightmare- if you are the only male in an all-female flat.

    Don't get the smoking section- I mean, nowhere allows smoking inside anyway, so how is it relevant?
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    (Original post by Elissabeth)

    Don't get the smoking section- I mean, nowhere allows smoking inside anyway, so how is it relevant?
    There's nothing stopping a landlord offering smoking rooms. At the end of the day, it's your home and if you're a smoker, you should be able to smoke in your own home (imho). However, a landlord would need to make sure that non-smokers do not have to live in a smoky atmosphere (and that any staff who may need to come in are not obliged to be where people smoke). So, at Leeds, we have smoking flats which are inhabited solely by smokers who can smoke only in their rooms and not in the kitchen (where the cleaning staff come in daily to take out the rubbish) and you have to stop smoking and open the windows etc if a contractor comes to fix something in your room.
    But lots of universities have banned smoking indoors (and sometimes anywhere on campus) so I fully understand why you think that.


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Updated: March 17, 2012
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