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Calling ALL Web Designers!!!

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    Blast Radio was founded in 2007 and it's operated by third year media students who study a variety of courses including advertising, public relations, event management and broadcast journalism.

    The station caters for the diverse population of the University and broadcasts from the legendary Ealing Studios.

    Blast Radio allows media students to gain direct experience and put the knowledge they have gained over the course of their studies into practice.

    Currently Blast Radio is going through a radical change right now as we go from an online radio station at the University of West London to an FM radio station on April 30th 2012.
    With all these new changes we thought it was only right we made a new web page to go with out new and improved image.

    If you are an up and coming web designer and would like to GAIN SOME EXPERIENCE and GET A GREAT REFERENCE FOR YOUR C.V

    PLEASE do not hesitate to respond to this add!!


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Updated: March 16, 2012
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