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Gareth Gates: Why Isn't His Music Better?

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    I was just reading the wikipedia page for Gareth Gates:


    It says that he has grade 8 in classical guitar, piano and singing, which is more than most of my favourite musicians have. So why isn't his music more interesting and enjoyable? He has succeeded financially I suppose.
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    Compare the amount of money and fame Kate Bush has to the amount of money and fame Katy Perry has and you will understand.
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    Hes a pop artist targetting 13 year old girls and menapausal woman thats why.

    Hes clearly a telented man. However that special spark cant be denoted with grades.
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    Being technically competent doesn't necessarily mean you are creative and will make interesting music. There's plenty of songwriters who may not play their instruments that well, but are able to come up with something original. I assume getting to Grade 8 in an instrument requires lots practice rather than natural ability.
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    Grade 8 instrumental ability doesn't mean Grade 8 creativity.

    But he was pretty successful; his music pleased the people it was aimed at. So fair play to him if that's what he enjoys.


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Updated: March 16, 2012
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