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College Student and Homeless?

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    If you are studying part-time and working under 16hrs a week, you'll be entitled to Job seekers allowance. I don't think you'll b entitled to income support, unless you are unable to work for some reason. Worse case...just before you have to leave your father, declare yourself homeless and go into a hostel, then you'll be placed on the housing list. Or try get into shared accommodation and get housing benefit. The only way you'll get housing benefit while sharing with your friend is if you get a tenant agreement from them stating how much your rent is per month.
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    Have you tried speaking to a charity like Samartians? They may provide you with some advice
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    I feel so sorry for you.

    If it were possible and you were in London, I would ask my parents whether you could live at our place.

    I don't find it right for your parents to leave you just like that. Must be very hard.

    Don't give up though. Keep studying, it's one of the only few things that will help to take you to the top and lead you to a well established life in the future.

    Invariably remember, there's always light at the end of the tunnel and things will get easier/better once the harsh patch passes by.

    Hang in there.
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    I know Shelter are a good place to ring, it is a freephone number and can help you.
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    (Original post by elldeegee)
    Sorry, but i don't understand how i have misunderstood you.

    Somebody said you can go into care if you are under 18.
    You replied, saying that you must have no contact with your parents.
    i reply to you saying that you don't have to have no contact with your parents.

    what have i missed?
    I believe the "must have no contact" was in answer to being able to claim IS and HB as a 16/17/18/19 year old, and wasn't referring to the foster care comment.


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Updated: March 17, 2012
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