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Best and Worst Goal Celebrations you have seen?

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    Best: Adebayor vs Arsenal

    Worst: Crouch's Robot
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    (Original post by Colbert)

    Nothing more cringey than seeing Robbie Keane scamper over to a corner to do some amateur acrobatics and shoot the crowd. Should be hung and quartered.
    U mad?
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    (Original post by SortItOrAbortIt)
    Undoubtedly, the best goal celebration I have seen is where Cristiano Lucarelli shags his shirt

    I just found my celebration for when I score that last minute win in hockey :awesome:


    I always like it when I see old highlights with Lee Sharpe scoring and dancing.

    For example at:
    1.40 which became the trademark.
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    Gyan and Zenden for Sunderland after Gyan's goal vs Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
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    Jimmy Bullard and the Hull players at Man City a couple of years back has to be worth a mention. Imitating the famous halftime team talk on the pitch by Phil Brown.
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    Cantona's celebration after scoring against Sunderland, the way he just turned around and stood there like a boss after scoring one of the best PL goals.


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Updated: April 12, 2012
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