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Getting a car on finance?

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    I'm 18, yet to pass my driving test though, but in a few years down the line, when insurance is cheaper, i would be looking to get quite an exspensive car on finance, unless i become extremely rich and can just walk into a dealer and hand them a cheque. :cool:

    Anyway, what are people thoughts on getting a car on finance? Im the sort of person that wouldn't like to keep cars for a long time, 3 - 4 years at the most, and i know a lot of people think getting a brand new car on finance is a waste for a term of 3 - 4 years as soon as your drive away with it.. your at a loss, but i was thinking, of doing something like this and 3 - 4 years with a car, going back, and swapping the car in for a newer model ETC.. which will save me money.
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    Having a car on finance usually works out more expensive than buying it outright- as theres interest etc.
    Also i wouldnt do it unless you have a regular job- as you need to be able to afford the monthly payments etc.
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    If you get bored of cars fast then there is no way in hell I would buy a brand new one on finance, even more so if you can't get a 0% interest deal. You will spend forever paying off the interest and depreciation. It might not be so bad if you keep the car four years but it might have some badass depreciation on it.
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    (Original post by TrueUnitedFan)
    I'm the sort of person that wouldn't like to keep cars for a long time, 3 - 4 years at the most.
    In terms of owning a car that isn't that long at all, lease instead of finance.
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    Most people that rent a car on finance only keep it for the 3 /4/5 year cycle anyway.

    Also, keeping a car for 3-4 years is a VERY long time. I start thinking about changing after 6 week usually!


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Updated: March 18, 2012
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