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Is CoL easier for LPC than BBP ?

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    I've got two offers for LPC one is at BBP (Cambridge) and the other one is at CoL (Guilford).

    Now, the only reason why I would choose Guilford and CoL is because I've heard that CoL is easier than BBP. Perhaps, it is thought so, because at CoL you've got open book exams, meaning that you can take your notes in. - Surely, it's a big help, considering how intense this course is...

    Also, while speaking with Admissions, CoL seems to be more interested in a student (I know that it's all about money), but still...

    However, if I chose Guilfrod, I would have to go there before to find a flat to live and to share it with other people. I don't know anyone there, and it might be quite a hassle to be honest.

    On the other hand, in Cambridge I could share a house with my friend, which would be much more convienient for me.

    All in all, I have no idea where I'd like to stay. However, as I said, for me the most important is where is it easier ? - This is the paramount consideration.

    If anybody could help me out to make my decision, has some prior exprience with either of these institutions, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
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    Personally, I think the CoL is definitely easier. I know a lot of people just buy the LPCGuru notes that are available online and take them into exams, which pretty much guarantees a pass.

    Then again, the LPC itself isn't hard. There's a lot of work but it's very different to undergraduate/GDL. It's more parrot fashion learning.

    If ease is your paramount concern - go to CoL.
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    Thanks a lot !! Anybody else is sharing the same view ?
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    (Original post by Josephine88)
    Thanks a lot !! Anybody else is sharing the same view ?
    I studied at BPP so I can't really say whether COL is easier or not. As the previous poster mentioned though, it's not intellectually challenging doing the LPC, it's just very hard work because you have a lot of material to get through in a short period of time.

    I don't really like open book exams, it's difficult to say why, I just don't feel comfortable revising for them because I never know what to memorise and what not to.
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    Thanks for the answer!
    The deadliene to accept the offer already passed for me and I prolonged it. They say that they had still open spaced in the summer, but do you reckon I should then make my decision as soon as possible ? Since they might fill in, and there simply might be no more spaced available ?? Or is it unlikely ??
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    I always understood that the questions/marking at CoL is harsher to reflect the fact that it is open book.
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    (Original post by LexiswasmyNexis)
    I always understood that the questions/marking at CoL is harsher to reflect the fact that it is open book.
    Perhaps, but I doubt by very much. The LPC is very procedural so there's usually not much room to manoeuvre in terms of what the answer could be.


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