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Edexcel june 2012 biology unit 5 exam discussion and revision

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    everyone post good revision tips and past papers here for the june 2012 examination
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    (Original post by ih8edexcel!)
    everyone post good revision tips and past papers here for the june 2012 examination
    Hows ur studies?
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    Anyone want to explain QRS complex thing?
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    QRS complex is a trace displayed on an ECG which is a result of ventricular depolarisation/contraction, a likely question would be regarding the use of ECG traces to diagnose problems with the heart: Such as an electrocardiograph shows P Waves not followed by QRS complexes what could this indicate. The answere would be that their may be a problem with the AVN as the ventricles are not contracting so waves of electrical activity are not being passed onto the ventricles.
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    Anyone got predictions on what might come up? Aghh. Its on 22nd ! Its soo longg :/
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    Anyone have the Jan 2012 paper and MS please ?
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    (Original post by -James-)
    Anyone have the Jan 2012 paper and MS please ?
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    God after yesterdays exam, Im not expecting a good exam at all. But the good thing is that they added time; 1hr 45 min


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