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Breast lump(s)

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    Hiya, I know everyone will say 'see your doctor' but I just want to know if other girls have had this and whether or not I'm just worrying about something quite common. left breast has a lump on the nipple. It's been there for about a year but it started as a sort of spot which I squeezed. Now it's bigger and if I squeeze it white stuff (like in a spot) comes out from different parts of it.

    It could just be a spot that I've made worse and the size might just be scar tissue since I've squeezed it a few times. Does anyone else have these?

    Right breast - the top of it towards the side (more towards my armpit) has a hard lump in it which is painful to manipulate and surrounded my a lumpy feeling sort of stuff.

    It could just be something to do with hormones. Anyone else have this?

    Thanks, I'm not asking for people to diagnose me I just want to know if other people have these issues and if they're common/normal.
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    The lump on the left might just be a normal spot. Montgomery glands or areolar skin glands on the breast lubricate the nipple area in small amounts and become infected easily. A couple of girls I know have complained about this happening to them. I don't know about the right, it might be something less common.
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    :eek::eek:I'm a guy. I'll just leave now:confused:
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    Just had the girls checked on Friday; left has a few lumps and so does right. Apparently all normal lumps but best to get checked. I know how scary it is though - my GP had to keep trying to calm me down because I was shaking .. It is normal to get lumps etc though
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    see you doctor - better safe than dead.
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    Left sounds normal, right perhaps slightly more concerning.

    It is almost certainly nothing, but GO TO YOUR DOCTOR and he will allay your worries faster and better than we ever could.

    Also, I think age plays a factor in this sort of thing. Now mine are done developing, I know what they should feel like, when everything's still changing it can be hard to tell. But still, get checked!


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