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Warwick: law and socilogy or LLB at the university of Leicester

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    (Original post by yothi5)
    Since Warwick is not an LLB, you have to choose Leicester and so super-duper well, as Leicester is not a target university for barristers.
    Untrue. Leicester is increasingly well respected for law and many chambers recognise that.
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    (Original post by Rascacielos)
    Untrue. Leicester is increasingly well respected for law and many chambers recognise that.
    Too true! Saying that I'm not sure chambers actually really bother with recruitment too much, just creates even more back ache for their already swamped juniors come pupillageportal time! I think the idea that any particular uni outside Oxbridge (which seem massively favoured) doesn't seem to work, sadly for all the non-Oxbridge aspiring barristers out there.

    P.S. Just seen your profile, excellent choice of course and hobby
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    (Original post by kevin6767)
    My degree is politics with international relations and my entire second term for one of my modules has been focused on the global economy and political economy. We touch on banking but not the nuts and bolts of it. I have helped organise 2 financial services events this year though and was interviewed for a Spring internship with Goldman Sachs but I couldn't commit the time because of my exam timetable next term. I was urged to apply for a Summer internship next year and I still might but I my have reservations. If I was going to go down that route I would much rather be an individual trader or stock broker, that way I dictate my terms. I meet with several people that do it and it seems a far better way to make your cash, look at Warren buffett.
    Isn't it difficult to become one of these?
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    (Original post by kevin6767)
    Yes it is but when has anything worth having been easy to achieve? My mum works for a guy who did it and still dabbles but has largely retired. He said to me things were so much easier when he was younger because you could just go down to london if you had the right connections and get going climbing the ladder but not now because it is so competitive. Nothing is stopping you trading in stock through a broker today, anyone could do it. You can do it through a bank but it generally costs more. If you want to go into that field I say go for it, either through a company or find an individual broker or group that would willing you take you on. It is hard and it is competitive but that is no reason not to try.
    I thought it was a job that graduates just have to apply for, just like investment banking?
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    (Original post by kevin6767)
    It depends, it mostly is today but the guy I knew didn't go to uni and he is worth a fair bit now. If you know the right people or get in with the right people things happen.
    Thanks for the info.

    Are you in your last year at uni now? And which uni do you attend?


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Updated: April 1, 2012
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