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How do you feel when people stare at you in a public setting?

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    somewhat unerving
    however if you can't "shake them off"...
    Turn your head real slow like Stewie here at them with the facial expression. Done it like 5 times, worked 5 times :cool:
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    (Original post by IndiaCaitlinn)
    If I ever catch people staring at me (which isn't very often) I just stare back until it's so awkward that they have to look away
    I've done this before but it gets so weird and awkward, I look away before they do :rolleyes:

    OP, I feel like going up to their face and telling them to do one. Geez, why do people do this? It's so weird and awkward!
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    For some reason, they do this a lot in the Fens.

    I stare back.
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    Actually it quite bothers me how people seem like zombies in public and do whatever it takes to avoid eye contact and a little smile, of course excluding the creepers that stare you out. It costs nothing to smile at each other and it actually feels good when you smile at somebody for the sake of it and they return it.
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    I get pretty confused, try and discretely check incase I have something on my face, and then pretty much ignore them. I'm not badass enough to stare them out.
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    I tell myself their undercover police officers and I should just keep my cool. Or I'm like gosh i didn't know I was that sexy. Lol Joking i get insecure and try and figure out what on me is worth stealing..
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    hate public settings normally, yet I was in front of over 1000 people at a football match and it was a breeze
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    Maybe they just have a bad habit of staring like me, I sometimes find I'm staring even though I'm not thinking anything in particular about the person lol
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    When people stare I actually think they're crazy so I look away so as not to worsen the situation. But still I hate it, I mean what the **** are they looking at?
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    I dont think a lot. But normally poking my tongue out provokes a responce. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

    Sometimes it will start a conversation, other times ill have fellas wanting to have a fight with me. But a stern gypsy stare and "if you think so sunshine" normally sorts the latter.
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    If its a girl i stare back and dont back down
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    Depends who staring, if its some creepy guy then i hate it and i feel uncomfortable. If its a child, i'll just smile and not be bothered. If its a fit guy ill get paranoid then hes staring cause im ugly if im feeling happy this will make me happier and i'll give him a little smile. If its just your average joe i dont really care, i guess they're just looking cause they're curious or i remind them of someone? :shrug:
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    I rarely get stared at in public. Its only really happens when some guy is giving me evils in a pub. If that happens I look away and back a couple of times to make sure he is staring at me and then give him my most aggressive stare right into his eyes for a good few seconds. I then start thinking about what I am going to do if he kicks off.

    The only other time is with babies and then I pull a funny face when their parents aren't looking and see if they laugh or cry.
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    Not that it happens to me, often. But just look them in the eye and do the thumbs up. Until they look away. Failing that, break into dance and hope people catch on. Could end in a Spur of the moment flash mob


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Updated: March 19, 2012
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