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Blog for my website?

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    Hi, I'm creating a website for my dads business and one useful feature we though pretty late on would be a blog system to post the latest news about medical related subjects and to inform workers of anything that may need to be mentioned.

    I am 50% finished so far with the website, I used a template but i am changing it heavily. It is not a Wordpress template as the blog is not the focal point of the website...

    So I am looking to implement one, would this be possible? Just a basic one that would fit in with the colour and theme of my website.

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    Do you have any PHP experience? if so create a CMS to implement in it.

    Another option you could use is Tumblr, they offer a single piece of code that will automatically update your website with anything that you post on tumblr, might be worth a look.
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    Install Wordpress into a subdirectory (/blog) and add a link to it on your main navigation. Use the standard Wordpress template (TwentyEleven) but customise the header to match your site using the admin tool.
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    Wordpress wouldn't be a bad idea to integrate into your website. However, if you are looking to use your own, that's completely fine too. Yes, it's a great idea to integrate a blog into the website. Make sure you use SEO on your blogs to ensure your articles drive more web traffic to the landing page (article on simple seo is on my signature)
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    As above I would recommend using Wordpress and integrating a blog into your website. Maybe even Drupal? It's much better but I guess since you only need a blog Wordpress would be the way to go.


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