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Imperial business school vs warwick business school

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    hi guys I have offers from both the schools but i m a bit confused which one to go for............plzzzzzz need genuine help....
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    Details about the course?
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    Msc Management
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    According to FT, Imperial is leaps and bounds ahead:


    Congratulations on your offers! Both universities are great and you will do well from either but, imo, Imperial trumps Warwick for business related degrees.
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    (Original post by rathodnikhil1990)
    hi guys I have offers from both the schools but i m a bit confused which one to go for............plzzzzzz need genuine help....
    Well both business schools are very good for any MSc I believe in terms of teaching, lecturers etc... Though, perhaps it is worth looking at other factors that are related to both schools e.g location, connection with compagnies, alumni network ...

    People have different motivations. If this can help; I had a chat today with a friend who has an offer also from warwick and imperial (MSc in engineering). Both departements are very good in what they do. However, he has taken other considerations when choosing the university. Apparenlty, he goes to gym every day and he said imperial has 5 gyms and that was one reason opted for it. Obviously, that was one aspect he considered.

    Personnally this would have a minor affect in my decision as a tend to go gym only once a week. Though, library services are relevant for me as I study only and never at home.

    So think about what would be of relevance to you during your degree and which uni provides the best.

    These questions might also help you

    What are your perspectives and motivations after and during the MSc ?
    what sector you intend to evolve in ?
    If you are an international student which school is best known in your country ?
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    First of all Thank you guys for replying to my query....As I m not from UK I have only access to rankings and location stuff.......I needed some points(relevant to study ) which can unambiguously point at any one of the university........This will really help me in Decision making
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    Hi there,

    I have accepted my offer for the Imperial FTMBA 2013. I can't personally comment on WBS, but it is a very respectable school.

    As for Imperial College Business school, it is located just beside the Science Museum on Exhibition road, which makes it quite easy for speakers to visit the school. Many of the faculty members have taught at other leading business schools, and Imperial has very strong connections to the Healthcare and Engineering industries. Being in London also makes it a bit easier to go for interviews at leading firms. The downside about living in London is that everything is extremely expensive.
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    Is there a huge difference between wbs and imperial business school ???
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    (Original post by rathodnikhil1990)
    Is there a huge difference between wbs and imperial business school ???
    No, in a word. I opted for Warwick over Imperial, but really they are quite similar. Like someone else has already said, when you're choosing between them you may want to take other factors into account. Personally I felt Warwick had a stronger record in terms of the sort of graduate jobs I wanted. WBS is also fairly well known for producing a vast quantity of directors at the firms I wanted to work in. That said, equally Imperial is great, I just wasn't too keen on the campus when I went down to visit. To me, and a friend I asked who is a lecturer at LSE, there isn't anything between them really. She advised me to apply for LSE, Imperial, Warwick and Cam, but lean towards LSE :P. Like I say, in the end I went for Warwick.
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    maybe it would be good to share some of your background and career aspirations.
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    I belong to a business family from India having done engineering from a reputed university in India ,I want to make an entry into the commercial field. After completing management from UK I want to work there for a couple of years , get experience and then enter into mu family business........I hope this answers both the questions of background and aspirations............
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    Hi, i would like to know that what kind of questions do they ask for interview?


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