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What games do you think could be made into films?

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    (Original post by Dalimyr)

    Been done, and it really WAS bad.

    And there's a very good reason why it was so bad it was painful to watch If you ever see a game-to-film conversion and that prick is listed anywhere in the credits, avoid the film like the plague otherwise you'll be wanting to kill yourself before the movie's over. His attempts at film adaptations are the single worst ****ing thing to EVER happen to the bridge between gaming and films.
    Yeah man! As I said, **** Raging Boll.
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    Raging Boll: On fighting (and winning) against all of his critics in a boxing ring: "You see what happens when people get hit in the head? They like my movies!"
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    portal would be amazing
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    Shadow of the Collosus.
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    (Original post by TheWorldEndsWithMe)
    I would pay some serious money to see an Ace Attorney film. I would say any of the last cases in any game would be good, although there are a few things which don't make sense unless you've played the earlier ones.

    Failing that, I reckon some sort of Zelda film.

    Yes its Japanese, but that means it might actually be decent

    As for my thoughts I'd second Portal, the Arkham series, Mirror's Edge and Assassin's Creed (apparently happening but with Ubisoft demanding full creative control after what happened with Far Cry)
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    (Original post by kopite493)
    this wouldn't work in my opinion as its taking a game about choice and saying and this is the way we think it should have bee played

    the others i agree with
    True however when out on Blue Ray then an option between good or bad can be chosen which differ slightly depending what is chosen
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    (Original post by scorpion95)
    True however when out on Blue Ray then an option between good or bad can be chosen which differ slightly depending what is chosen
    i cant see who ever makes it making essentially two different movies, it would cost a fortune
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    Mario? :awesome:

    Just kidding. Bioshock would be quite good as a film.
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    (Original post by kopite493)
    i cant see who ever makes it making essentially two different movies, it would cost a fortune
    The majority of the film will be the same but some different scenes based on the chosen path taken wouldn't be that much more expensive
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    (Original post by scorpion95)
    The majority of the film will be the same but some different scenes based on the chosen path taken wouldn't be that much more expensive
    oh it would especially when you take what scenes it is there's explosions ad all sorts to think about it would cost at least a extra 5 mil easily
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    (Original post by MrSam)
    Worms, but it would have to be like a normal war movie...just with worms.
    This. Oh God please this! Especially Worms 4 Mayhem!

    Always loved the random names you could give your characters on worms... and on worms 4 the random get-up you could get for 'em. I remember once I had a team based off King Arthur's Knights haha, with King Arthur, Lancelot etc all included.
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    I'd say Assassin's Creed, Halo and Half-Life/Portal all have excellent potential for a film, so long as they follow a separate storyline with separate characters rather than a carbon-copy of the story in the respective games. I think all three franchises have huge opportunities for separate stories, for example:

    *For Assassin's Creed, the story could follow a separate group of assassins in the present day utilising an Animus to recover an important piece of Eden whilst on the run from the Templars.

    *In Halo, the story could depict the Covenant discovery of Harvest and the events that transpired before the glassing of the planet. (I realise there are probably several more interesting stories to follow, but this is the first that came to mind).

    *For Half-Life, there could be a small group of resistance fighters caught up in a secluded but dangerous spot of City 17. Their story runs parallel to the events of Half-Life 2 and Episode 1, with maybe a quick appearance from Gordon Freeman.

    I've thought about this too much.
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    Street Fighter :awesome:

    Just couldn't fail...
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    (Original post by Nephilim)
    Dead Island (a whole movie like the trailer :sexface:)
    Dead island would be wicked.

    Maybe a film based around sc2
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    (Original post by DH-Biker)
    For big franchises, you can guarantee millions due to people who enjoy the games wanting to see the films. Can you imagine what a Modern Warfare or Battlefield film would net in? Quite why it hasn't been done yet, I don't know. Throw one of those Micheal Bay's way and he'd have an orgasm given his history of films that are made up of 99% explosions and shooting and 1% story. Though still good, he isn't exactly rolling the story scene in, however one of those games would surely be a solid foundation for a pure action flick, certainly one I'd watch.

    I don't know but do films with minimal story and all out action do well these days? The issue with Battlefield and Modern Warfare, I imagine, is the drive from the developers have focused mostly with online multiplayer. I'd be more comfortable with a great game being made into a film if it has a strong campaign, like Halo and Gears of War.

    For Gears of War they must not touch CGI because the last 'CGI film' I watched, Starship Troopers 2 or 3 (the first was reasonably good), was utter tripe. They could fill in some questions that Gears fans would pose, like why Queen Myrrah joined the Locust forces, how the Lambent came about etc. Could be quite a moving film too if they fill in important death scenes as there are a handful of them. They could also give more attention to the Carmine brothers, since their role is more of a side issue in the games, and may be turn Clayton into more of a hard ass, oh and make Baird less annoying please.
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    This is the childish part of me speaking but Kingdom Hearts :awesome: and the Spyro games :gah:
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    (Original post by RHCPfan)
    Street Fighter :awesome:

    Just couldn't fail...
    Unless they use Kylie Minogue in one of the lead roles :p:

    (Original post by Aylish)
    Is hopefully canned now. It's five years since Fox announced that they'd bought the rights to make a film, but there's been very little heard about it since then.

    ...and someone earlier on (probably on the first page now, I can't be bothered checking :p:) jokingly suggested Saw: The Game. For the love of God, no. Saw had the potential to be a good film to game conversion, and they completely ****ed it up. Converting that monstrosity of a game back to film would take the series to depths so low the only way they could make it worse would be by trying to make it a comedy and sticking Will Ferrell in the lead role (how does that talentless **** continue to get work?) :ninja:
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    does anyone remember the getaway? would be perfect
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