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Oxford Brookes Firmers 2012

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    Just wanted to see who has firmed Oxford Brookes and what subject will it be for?

    I have firmed Brookes to do Medical Science
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    I've firmed with OxB for Paramedic Emergency Care
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    Firmed BA Publishing Media/English <3
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    Woo! Do you guys know what Accomodation you're gunna choose? And have you been sent the forms...I haven't
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    (Original post by LKLB93)
    Woo! Do you guys know what Accomodation you're gunna choose? And have you been sent the forms...I haven't
    I've got to go into shared housing because of the nature of my course (placement on nights etc so it will be quieter because you all understand each others situation). I spoke to the admissions officer for Paramedics yesterday and she said they are sending all our stuff out beginning of April so yeh?
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    (Original post by LKLB93)
    Woo! Do you guys know what Accomodation you're gunna choose? And have you been sent the forms...I haven't
    The form is a one sheet of paper with a password on it to give you access to the pip page. Accommodation at brookes is NOT done on first come first served. it waits until it has everyone apps in before making a decision and which accom you will receive. there are 2 decision times. one is in june-ish which is for those with unconditional offers. the remainder will get done in September. you only find out where your living roughly 2/3 weeks before moving in
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    I just firmed for Economics, Politics and International Relations !! SO HAPPY !!!!!
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    I firmed Business Management combined with Publishing Media
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    I'll be firming Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes next week :rolleyes:
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    Firmed for Accounting and Finance
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    Firmed Eng Lang/ Publishing Media
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    Firming for Business Management and Marketing
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    Firmed for Child Nursing and i haven't received the forms yet either
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    I've been firmed for Biomedical Science! Totally looking forward to it
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    Firmed Human Bioscience and Anthropology. I can't wait to start.
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    Firmed animal biology and conservation
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    Anyone got any info on accommodation?

    I've firmed my place, but I'm still waiting to apply for housing.

    Anyone else still waiting?

    Answered my own question.
    I looked on their webpage and it said that they wont be giving out accommodation letters til Mid April. Lets hope the letters arrive soon!!
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    I've firmed OBU for Biomedical Science
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    What accommodation is everyone looking to put down?
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    (Original post by LKLB93)
    What accommodation is everyone looking to put down?
    Not really sure, i'm going round in circles. :dontknow:

    I may go for the Clive Booth Non-Ensuite (but with a sink . . . treat myself for an extra £5 a week)



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Updated: September 5, 2012
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