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Thinking of getting a Harry Potter tattoo...

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    My best friend actually has a Harry Potter tattoo - it's the lightning bolt, coloured in yellow and it's on her wrist. As a non-HP fan I thought she was a bit mental getting it at first, but she had the same reasons as you - she is obsessed with HP and she thought that even when she's older, it will still be a nice memory of her childhood. Also it's quite subtle so if you didn't know what it was, you'd just think it was a pretty cute little lightning bolt.
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    Nooooo! you have to get a hippogriff or a pygmy puff!
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    (Original post by Repressor)
    Looks like a certain brand logo....
    LMFAO! i thought of that too. but i will know the meaning so that's all that matter
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    if you do get it how you gon' explain it to your children in the future?
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    (Original post by *Boofle*)

    Like the one on here, in the same place. What do you think of it? I LOVE Harry Potter but don't want anything too prominent or big. How much would this be likely to cost? And how long would it take roughly (tattoo virgin here )
    I'd imagine about ten/fifteen mins tops and cost is gonna completely depend on where you go.
    However, you don't sound 100% sure so my advice would be to wait a long time (six months to a year) and if you still definitely want it then, go for it. I know this is an obvious point but it's going to be on your body forever! Also, you can obviously cover up your foot but there are more subtle places to have a tattoo if you don't want it to be on show.
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    (Original post by TheSownRose)
    If you're going to do it, do it properly - get the lightning bolt on your forehead. :yep:
    LOL...that's such a good idea :giggle:
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    Is it what you want? Will you regret it? Did you hear about the man that had a tattoo of Dumbledore on his back, then wanted it removed when J.K. Rowling revealed Dumbledore was/might have been (can't remember) gay?
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    (Original post by blackraven)
    i was actually considering getting a harry potter tattoo for my 17th birthday. i was gonna get the Rowenna ravenclaw's quote "wit without measure is man's greatest treasure" i've always loved that quote and i really want to get it on the right side of my ribcage. still thinking of getting it. i will probably get it on my 18th birthday with one or 2 edgar allan poe and W H Auden quotes (My favourite poets)
    "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."

    At least get it right or you'll end up with an incorrect quote... :facepalm:
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    (Original post by Final Fantasy)
    "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."

    At least get it right or you'll end up with an incorrect quote... :facepalm:
    Made a mistake. First time i have actually quoted it incorrectly. On the plus side better here than at the tattoo parlour
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    Hey even if you do regret it when you're older, it'll give you something to smile about when you see it .
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    you should get a plastic surgery to look like harry potter, with the scar and everything
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    Here's mine, done today.
    It's only wee but I love it.
    Didn't even hurt!
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    I actually quite like the design, OP.

    People make a big deal about being sure to like a tattoo when your tastes change and I think that is important. I also think that just because your tastes change (i.e. you cease to be really 'into' HP) that doesn't mean you won't still have fond memories and enjoy having a reminder of your past.
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    It's cute (:
    How long have you wanted that actual tattoo?
    I'm looking to get a tattoo, keep going off ideas after a couple months though :/
    I've decided If I can set my heart on an idea and still want it just as much in a year, THEN I'll start saving for it.

    If it's what you want then go for it- when you're 60 your feet aren't exactly gonna look pretty anyway x3
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    (Original post by *Boofle*)

    Like the one on here, in the same place. What do you think of it? I LOVE Harry Potter but don't want anything too prominent or big. How much would this be likely to cost? And how long would it take roughly (tattoo virgin here )
    A little one should be under £30, and take 5-10 minutes. Personally, I think if you really love HP, you should design something simple for your tattoo - it's be more personal and connected to your love of HP

    Hope that helps reply if you want any info on getting tats, I have a couple myself
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    i think its actually quite a cute little tattoo, and like you said, it can be easily hidden and reminds you of your childhood (and something that you probably grew up with as well). i have a batman tattoo on my ankle, which people probably wouldnt see the appeal of and may think im weird for getting, but its something personal to me, and i also want an alice in wonderland tattoo next (with a pink elephant as well) the different elements that it will have mean quite a bit to me and im looking forward to getting it done. i agree that it probably doesnt appeal to everyone, neither would the harry potter one probably, and yes some people may see it as an odd thing to get, but as long as you are happy with it and have thought about it properly then get what you want.

    it probably wont cost a lot (not sure on prices as it varies greatly with the different tattoo places) and probably half an hour to do at the most - though dont worry about getting it done, neither of mine have hurt, didnt even realise he'd done the 1st one as i built up the pain in my head, and the second one is quite a big one between my shoulder blades, took just over an hour to do and wasnt painful either, just pretty boring tbh, though its probably best to go with a friend if your nervous, they can help distract you then.
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    Hey, I would recommend it. I have one and I don't think I will ever regret it, it is on my foot like you want yours to be, so it is easily hidden.

    If it is special to you, then that is reason enough for you to get it, I waited a fair few months before I figured out what I wanted, and I was sure of it.

    Here is mine, right after I got it done, sorry the lighting is so bad!
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    I'd probably get the deathly hallows symbol one day. It reminds me so much of my childhood and my childhood memories and nostalgia is important to me. Each to their own. Nothing wrong with being dedicated to something and being a fan.


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