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Is scond year of university harder than first year?

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    (Original post by MUN123)
    Some people I know who are 2nd and 3rd years they told me that it really gets easier, so really I don't know who to believe :s
    make sure u work in your first year, if your degree is anything like mine we built on from first year theory stuff, so those who just sailed thru with 40% last year without understanding any of the stuff have really been struggling this year coz they had to go back to first year stuff, understand that properly and then revise the 2nd year stuff

    i guess its all about time management aswell, manage your time well, keep a balance between your studies and your social life and im sure you will be fine
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    (Original post by T'archer)
    It is. The work load is so much heavier, but I found it becomes easier to motivate yourself in the second year.
    more colouring in rainbow class??
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    (Original post by kiss_me_now9)
    My degree is known for being piss easy year 1, a complete bitch year 2 and a decent balance between hard and interesting in year 3.
    What degree do you do?
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    I actually found second and third year easier than year 1, but that might just be because I got used to the teaching style of the lecturers and I buckled down a little.
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    It's the difficulty with talking about 'hardness' the work isn't less difficult but paradoxically it's quite common for grades to improve just cos people are getting into their stride.
    If you're struggling tho', talk to your tutor.
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    I don't understand why people who are saying it gets harder are being negged... it answers the question and how hard something is is completely down to the individual. Degree programmes are designed to get harder, otherwise what's the point in the course being 3 years long and progressing a level each year (level 4 - year 1, level 5 - year 2 etc.) If you don't like the prospect of something getting harder and having to work more for it as you go along perhaps a degree isn't for you :dontknow:
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    I know this is more specific to my course, but what I found most difficult in the transition from first to second year was the way the course was laid out.

    In first year, we had 2 essays and exam per module, so the workload was nicely spread out and easy to grasp. This year, however, we've either got one exam or one essay that counts for 100% of the module, so until the lecturer sets the essay titles or gives out the exam rubric, there's very little work I can get on with. This consequently means that when the work is set I practically move into the library because all the essay deadlines and exams are in the same week. Very stressful
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    (Original post by Dmon1Unlimited)
    i would have thought every year from year 1 to end of uni was harder than the previous year?
    perhaps not too much with primary school...
    Not necessarily, for me at least Year 13 was much harder than anything i've had to do in first year.
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    (Original post by sr90)
    Not necessarily, for me at least Year 13 was much harder than anything i've had to do in first year.
    did anything about you change from year 13? or to put it simply, are you the same person (exactly) as you were in year 13?
    work ethics, studying priorities, revision/study times, schedule/organisation (i.e. when getting homework etc in early instead of last minute etc), any possible distractions (i.e. friends at uni are less distracting than friends at home), the level of fun you have had at uni compared to year 13, etc??? do you think the amount you could have possibly matured by was more when going from one uni year to another compared to going from year 12 to 13? (i ask this because there are times when you are struggling to learn a concept, but later on, you manage to grasp it relatively easily).

    just seems a bit weird that theres a chance of a relatively easy (possibly not certainly) year coming up unless any of the above have applied to you... makes sense if youre talking about being in large less personal lecture halls (compared to class rooms) and possibly having less contact hours, though this doesnt make the course itself easier

    just curious
    ive got no problem if my workload gets less in the coming years haha
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    It won't be unmanageable, don't stress about it.
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    I found in terms of what we were learning, yes. Second year stuff isn't stuff I can blag from A level. Although in total there are less essays this year. I had 2 modules last year that needed plenty of extra prep, now 4/5 need at least 10 days prep/reading before an essay. Plus this year I have job. :dry:
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    (Original post by MUN123)
    What degree do you do?
    Oh, sorry missed this post. Psychology - might be different at other unis but everyone around here holds the same train of thought.


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Updated: March 21, 2012
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