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Guys - What brands are your jeans and much did you pay for them?

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    I have one Superdry jean which I brought on sale and 2 GAP jeans.

    I can't remember how much the superdry or one of the GAP jeans cost.

    I got a new pair of GAP jean recently, and they costs me £39.95.

    I am around 5'8, so I can't wear 32 inches leg, I have to get 30 inches leg. GAP is the only brand where I can get 30 inches leg. Also, GAP jean prices are cheap compare to brands like Superdry, Ralph Lauren, G Star Raw, Levi's, WESC, Vans, Quiksilver etc. Those brands are at least £70, going up to over £100.

    So, what jeans do you have? how much did they costs? and which ones are your favourite and why?

    How much are you willing to pay for a pair of jeans? and do you notice in the differences in quality between the expensive jeans, over £100, compare to cheap jeans, under £40?
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    All my jeans are either Ralph Lauren or Timberland.

    I don't have that many of them, currently 3 pairs only of which 2 are RL and the other is Timberland.

    Used to wear Levis 501s but stopped buying Levi's as a whole as they are no longer USA made, I find that the quality has dropped to a point that it is no longer worth buying as for some reason or another they wear out between the legs just by the crotch area.

    Never worn baggy jeans as it doesn't suit me and as a whole I generally wear khaki pants instead of jeans these days.
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    Primark £15, oh yeah :cool:

    Tbh, I found they're surprisingly good quality, I tend to wear through jeans quick but I've had these primark ones a few months now and they still look like new condition.
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    My daily jeans are APC New Standards and 3Sixteen ST-120x. Neither were cheap but they are both awesome and will hopefully last a long time.
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    Would never pay more than £50 for any one single clothing item.
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    I dont wear jeans i wear jogging buttoms
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    I don't see the point in paying for someone's name on your jeans.

    Uniqlo jeans are good quality, and they're in smaller sizes, as it's a Japanese store. You can get 30' leg, that's probably their standard size... Also Topman do a good range of sizes.
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    Don't really go for a specific brand so long as they look alright and are comfortable enough, but one thing is for sure, I usually stay below £20 for a pair of jeans.
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    Burton, for like £25 or something.
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    Hollister $50
    Levi's $9 outlet
    Asos x 2 £20
    New look x 3 (work there so its my uniform) £5 each with staff discount

    Hollister jeans are my favourite because they last forever and are really good value. They are £17 or something on the sale which is barely more than primark.
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    Levi's and G-Star. G-Star has quite remarkable dye retention and Levi's have well-fitting jeans and a variety of colours (I also like G-Star's Blue Brace and Brooklyn colours). On average I pay around £64.
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    Plenty of places do 30" leg. I have a pair from Hollister, £40. I wouldn't spend more than that on jeans.
    I agree that (some) Primark jeans are pretty good.
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    I have 2 pairs of Burton bootcut had them for a year and they are wonderful perfect length, perfect waist and considering I wear my massive boots pretty much constantly look good with everything.

    Got them on offer 2 for £50 best buy I've made.
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    Unbranded and they costed me £7 ... and they've running fine for a year :cool:
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    Few pairs of Nudie (I get them when they go on sale so ~£40/50 from £80-120).
    Pair of Levi's that I've had for like 3 years which someone else bought for me
    Pair of Calvin Klein jeans, £40 from outlet.
    Pair of A&F from someone bought from America ~$50?
    Got a few pairs that I don't wear anymore. The are Nudies my favourite and I always look out for discounted ones of the right fit and size.
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    I'm a 30" leg (also 5'8!) and I've found plenty of places that do my size My current jeans are from Topman (£40), River Island (£25) and H&M (£30). The H&M ones seem to be lasting best.
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    (Original post by Fuzzed_Out)
    My daily jeans are APC New Standards and 3Sixteen ST-120x. Neither were cheap but they are both awesome and will hopefully last a long time.
    Where did you buy the APC's? been wanting a pair myself but only ever seen them online.
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    2X DC - Both 50 quid, Straight Fit, dark grey.

    1 X Matix - 42 quid, Relaxed fit , black.
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    3x ASOS - £30 each
    1x Hollister - £45

    And a **** load of chinos.
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    I know this is aimed at guys - but my bf has got cheap Primark jeans and they are actually really nice (and, ahem, tight in the right places). Believe me, women will not spend long looking at your jeans . . . don't waste too much money


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