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Guys - What brands are your jeans and much did you pay for them?

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    Up until recently my jeans were the usual stuff you find in Topman etc. Then I brought a pair of Levis and never looked back. The fit, comfort and quality is hard to beat. I pay about £50 a pair after my work discount which I think is reasonable considering how long I'll keep them for.
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    Edwin, Uniqlo.
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    I have Burton jeans about 4 pairs really high quality made and I don't see why should anyone spend more for jeans when you can buy for less money and one of Superdry jeans I have is coated london raw really nice, but look average could easier get similar from high st store for less and I have many chinos now is becoming my waredraw.

    Levis jeans is overrated.
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    Genuinely can't believe some of you buy jeans from Primark and are happy with them. Excluding outlets, any jean <£70 is a bad idea...
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    (Original post by Fynch101)
    When I look at those jeans, I think:

    "Damn, those jeans are only available in Hong Kong. And I cannot go to Hong Kong. You are better than me."
    I didn't buy them just because they are exclusive... it just makes them rarer, and thus, worth more.
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    Currently wearing:

    Joe McCoy's - £225
    APC - £110
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    (Original post by Fields)
    Currently wearing:

    Joe McCoy's - £225
    APC - £110
    Overpriced and really not that fashionable or good looking, IMO.
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    (Original post by Rybee)
    Overpriced and really not that fashionable or good looking, IMO.
    Haha, who cares about fashion, Joe McCoys are good quality jeans. Sure I'd probably take a pair of Samurai's over them, but they're still excellent quality...
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    (Original post by Rybee)
    Overpriced and really not that fashionable or good looking, IMO.
    To tell the truth I don't have a huge amount of experience around that price point, so can't really compare to similar priced brands. I have been really impressed by the quality of the denim though, it's in a totally different league to anything I've tried before. I'll be getting a new pair of jeans soon (Studo d'Artisan or Iron Heart I think) so it'll be interesting to see how they compare. As for your second comment, I find that a bit strange. They're just plain, straight legged, indigo jeans... how can they not be 'fashionable or good looking'?!
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    (Original post by sabre2th1)
    Any baggy jeans, HATE skinny jeans they are for homosexuals..

    So True religion jeans, CERTAIN g-star jeans, not fussed too much about brands tbh
    lol at your neg's
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    Primark £10
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    What brand? Well they're Russell Brand jeans! :sexface:
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    (Original post by footyadd)
    lol at your neg's
    lol i don't care about it tbh
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    Most of my mine are from Topman. I find they're the perfect balance between price and quality. Although I did splash out on a pair of APC's which are well worth the money too.


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