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I started a blog in French to improve my writing skills. Can someone give comments?

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    I decided that I needed to practice writing in French more, so I started a weekly blog in French. It'd be greatly appreciated if someone could comment on it.

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    Well firstly, congrats on writing all of that! Your vocab is really good with quite a few idioms thrown in. Your grammar needs work though. Just a few things I spotted:

    - Conjugations and tenses. I think you need to review the basics of all of the tenses, particularly the perfect and imperfect. Remember, imperfect for description (il était en retard) and no agreement with the subject in the perfect tense with avoir (j'ai manqué). Watch out for irregular past particles (mettre = avoir mis) and DRPVMASTERMANRRD where certain verbs conjugate with être in the perfect tense (il est arrivé).
    - The negation in the perfect tense is around the auxillary verb. Je n'ai pas aimé.
    - On Monday = lundi. If you say le lundi, that means on Mondays.
    - Masculine and feminine noun and adjective agreements. I'm not sure what you mean by 'mon copine' for example, and if you don't know the gender of word then check (la nourriture était délicieuse).
    - Demonstrative adjectives agree too. La semaine is feminine, so cette semaine.

    You're off to a great start, the main thing you need to look at is the formulation of the perfect tense, so get googling before your next blog update


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Updated: March 19, 2012
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