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What did you get in your degree subject at GCSE?

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    A at GCSE and A at A Level and a 2.1 at university. I did history.
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    Seeing as I only did Double Award Science, I can't really be sure, but I think I got an A in the Physics sections of it. Which is weird when I think about it, since I took Physics to A Level above Bio and Chem which I did better in. No matter, I did better in the A Level than the GCSE anyway.
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    (Original post by AverageExcellence)
    How are you able to study history at degree if you didnt do it for A level? every prospectus ive read says its essential. I agree with you though gcse history was all about hitler and had a really naive vague approach about it. like he deceived a whole country in believing in him because he offered them jobs lol
    I did A-Level Ancient History, not A-Level History. I also did English Language and Literature, and Philosophy. Besides I didn't take a pure History degree.
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    (Original post by Einheri)
    I did A-Level Ancient History, not A-Level History. I also did English Language and Literature, and Philosophy. Besides I didn't take a pure History degree.
    Nice, what unis you applied for ?
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    I'm going to be doing French and Spanish and I got A*s in both of them.
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    A* in History but it's no reflection whatsoever - History at university, or probably any subject at university, is way harder and uses different skills from those at GCSE level. People's skills can change, and within 3 years you can get significantly better or worse at a subject.
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    (Original post by WorryWarrior)
    Whether you already have a degree, have applied or are going to apply next year.

    If you have done GCSEs and know what subject you want to/have study at university, what did you get in that subject? Providing you were able to do it at GCSE and it is not a subject you took up at A level

    Just wondering...
    I did Theoretical Physics at Imperial. I'll put my Maths and Physics grades down, as both are equally relevant.

    GCSE: Maths A, Double Award Science A*A* (Physics Paper was A*)
    A-Level: Maths Mech A, Physics B (1 mark off an A!); Further Maths Stats (A*), AEA Maths (Merit) and STEP I (2) (year out from uni)
    Degree: 2.2
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    (Original post by Einheri)
    I didn't do History at GCSE because it was all boring modern history, same reason for not taking it at A-Level. I think the exam boards just have a massive boner for Hitler; they should change the names of GCSE and A-Level History to "Hitler Studies".
    Hitler forms a small part of Modern History. Yet, WWII was probably the biggest historical event of the 20th Century. Boards don't focus just on him, they've focussed on empires, America - Civil Rights, Cold War, medicine through time.

    Most colleges also offer Ancient History at A-level; I think that's boring and has no relevance to today's world compared with stuff with the 1850s.
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    I'm doing Philosophy and I did RS GCSE, which was Philosophy and Ethics... so it's not exactly the same but it's related, and I got an A*.
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    A* at GCSE. Then a C at AS and an A at A2.

    I have an unconditional for september for another subject that I also got an A* in. I didn't do it at A level.
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    (Original post by Catherine.)
    I'm going to be doing French and Spanish and I got A*s in both of them.
    Well done on your Cambridge offer! :goodluck:
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    (Original post by AverageExcellence)
    Nice, what unis you applied for ?
    I only applied to two - Nottingham and UCL. Got accepted by both, but went to Nottingham as it's only 40mins on the train from my parents' house as opposed to about five hours which is funny considering I'm now doing my MA in Reykjavík, Iceland.
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    I got an A* in History and am looking to start a degree in it come this October.
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    I was a sod when I was younger, only sat one gcse, maths, D:rolleyes:. Applied myself over past few years got a few certificates gcse math A, and some OU credits/courses, have a conditional for maths and economics.
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    Mech Eng student, on track for a first. Got an A in maths and an A in physics at GCSE (went on to get As in both at A-Level)
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    A* in Maths and also Statistics
    B in Music, although I did it two years early
    (Applied for joint honours)
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    I'd be terrified if there were a GCSE Medicine, but I got A*s in chemistry and biology.
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    I didn't do Psychology at GCSE but got A grades in Core and Additional Science and Mathematics, which helps with some of the scientific areas of my degree.
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    A* in ICT and studying Computer Science at the moment. Oh if it were that easy still :/
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    I got A*s in English Literature and French.

    My partner, however, got a C in GCSE History and failed A-Level Archaeology, yet he is top of his year at uni doing Ancient History and Archaeology.

    Unfortunately, the lack of original thought encouraged in the school curriculum means that your success in a subject there doesn't necessarily mean you will do as well in a degree... I think I would have done better in science at a higher level, as I find I prefer a more solid factual grounding than the complete open-endedness of literary analysis.


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