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Final Thoughts on Your Progress?

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    I bascally didn't train for the majority of the contest! Been training for the past 5 weeks focusing more on fully body compounds and progressive loading, rather than flailing dumbells around with no real method behind it and I seem to have dropped some bodyfat, while putting on some muscle mass. Which is nice. Also for the first time in my life I've hit 60kg squats. Yeah, a whole 60kg.

    Still, few more months of this, and things should be going well.
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    iv lost barely anything, about 2 pounds. Im very annoyed with myself, I keep blaming other things like uni because recently iv been in over 12 hours most day but stress of uni work has led me to completely not care. yesterday I ate two scones for dinner because they were reduced in sainsburys :/ Although somehow I seem to be eating more days when im in uni alllll day but this hasnt made me gain weight. I just get so hungry when i have to use my brain!

    This said. Im going to sack this morning off. go for a run and aim to be in uni for half 11. boom.


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