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Starbucks asking your name

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    Spose it's a bit like being back at school or questioned by a copper, people may not be expecting it so negative reactions are probably more out of surprise than owt..
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    I guess if they're only calling out people's names, nobody will be confused when the barista calls out the name of my drink.
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    lol they never get it right,,, which makes you think are they actually calling me or am i taking someone elses coffee
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    And that's why I go to Costa...
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    (Original post by Cinnamon_Twist)
    And that's why I go to Costa...
    I usually go to Tim's.

    Starbucks has better coffee, admittedly. But Tim's doesn't feel the need to call everything fancy Italian names and demand my personal information to get my coffee.

    Plus they have a superior selection of pastries.
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    I love Starbucks & I am alwez there... Every time I go in, I give a diff name but I alwez have the same drink.... They want a name I want my drink... Not the end of the world

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    Awww I love Starbucks though and I don't mind them asking for the name coz they are the best

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    It's all well and good til someone answers, "Abhyavarshini".
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    (Original post by Bleak Lemming)
    It's all well and good til someone answers, "Abhyavarshini".
    LOOOOOOL! Genius

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    Can't see the problem to be honest :laugh:

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    I don't see what the problem is with giving a name (doesn't even have to be your actually name?)
    I saw someone who gave their name in as Primrose Everdeen and when it was called out she stood up and shouted 'I volunteer as tribute!' and everyone just stared at her :P
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    They never spell my name right, so they never say it right and always end up just shouting my coffee out instead.
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    i'd just blag it n say my name's barbara or something
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    I don't mind starbucks calling out my name, what bothers me is that they always spell and say it wrong.
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    I swear, next time I go there I'm just going to say my name is "latté".
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    I'm really not bothered.
    I quite like it actually.
    Maybe it's because I holiday in America most years and we have at least one Starbuckss when we're there, and they always ask it there, but it really doesn't bother me. No-one's listening to anyone else's names, and the staff can't do anything with the information and I quite like the fact it makes it sort of personal. No big deal.
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    I don't mind TBH, it's a name, a lot of other people share it so it isn't special or unique.

    Can't people just give a false name if they're that fussed?

    Agree with the Italian named nonsense though, I'm speaking English, the 'Barrista' is speaking English. Your job is a server, my coffee is a medium size, lets keep it simple people, I know Starbucks gets a rep as a refuge of hipster fools and other pretentious junk DNA but most people are just normal folks wanting their normal slightly over-priced coffee and maybe a muffin.

    Though that strawberries and cream frap wasn't bad, and sometimes they can make an alrite ..sandwich?...you know that bread thing....wow brain fail forgot what it's called. You can get it toasted.

    Anyway yeah, a very minor niggle the terminology.
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    My name is so hard to pronounce that I'd feel too awkward giving it as they'll struggle to write it down and then will say it wrongly and it may take me a while to realise that my coffee order was just yelled out. Once I gave an English common name and just got an odd look as it obviously wasn't mine as I'm Indian and it just made it too awkward.


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Updated: June 20, 2012
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