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Favourite dog breed

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    Labradors. I've had two and they haven't got a bad bone in their body. Just big, loveable dopes who want fuss 24/7.
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    (Original post by redferry)
    Labrador-Poodle crosses!! (Not strictly a breed in the uk I know!)

    If I had to choose one breed it'd be the standard poodle though.

    I thought they were?.My mother in law has a Labradoodle and she is adorable!!.Love her to bits, but not as much as my Border Collie cross of course.
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    Golden retrievers!!
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    (Original post by EffieFlowers)

    Seriously, the whippet must be the most eccentric breed of dog I have ever encountered!

    And also, closely related the italian greyhound, I would love to have one but they too damn expensive

    Jenna Marbles! Kermit is the cutest dog, he makes appearances in a lot of her videos and he's brilliant
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    English Bull Terrier I know they have a bit of a bad rep, but mine is the world's biggest softy, is afraid of her own shadow and is IMO, adorable. My post and therefore my bias! :P
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    (Original post by Annie72)
    I thought they were?.My mother in law has a Labradoodle and she is adorable!!.Love her to bits, but not as much as my Border Collie cross of course.
    According to whatever board dictates what breed dogs are, labradoodles aren't a recognized breed of dog - they're not allowed to compete in Crufts etc. But I don't care, I wouldn't swap my doodle for the world
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    Dachsunds are pure adorable. Them and Cavalier King Charles spaniels.
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    Got to be Labradors.

    Especially mine :ahee:

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    Hard to decide, pharaoh hound, beauceron, dobermann, borzoi, basenji, standard poodle, bergar picard, belgian shepard (black) or various others.
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    I think an Alsatian or a Border Collie.........
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    I love dogs!

    Has to be either a Newfoundland, St Bernard or a Chow Chow..
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    Pembroke Welsh Corgi <3 WHO can resist them?! Cutest. Things. EVER. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Pembroke-Welsh-Corgi-575x431.jpg 
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    I love big dogs Rottweilers have to be my favourite though, they're so loyal and sweet. (And pffft to all you who believe the stereotypes, any dog can be trained in any way, vicious dogs are only vicious because they've been raised like that...)
    I also love spaniels, they truly are the sweetest, most loyal dogs I've ever known. I had an Irish Water spaniel and she was the best I miss her now
    My parents run boarding kennels so I've had experience with many many different breeds! That's the thing I miss most about being at uni.
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    My favourite is the west highland terrier. small, cute and friendly.

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    Wire Fox Terriers FTW!

    <3 x
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    I have a thing for Collies; I own a Welsh Collie, but I'd love a blue merle BC, or a red & white.
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    Border collies. They are just so damn smart.
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    (Original post by twinlensreflex)
    I have a thing for Collies; I own a Welsh Collie, but I'd love a blue merle BC, or a red & white.
    I've got a blue merle border collie. They are so beautiful it hurts
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    (Original post by PurpleMonkeyDishwasher)

    that looks like it should be a pokemon!


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