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Has anyone here been attacked by a dog?

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    PLEASE people realise that it is not the dog, it is the owners and the way they treat the dogs.

    I mean my friends has a HUGE rottie and he licks little babies and plays with all dogs no problem.

    and then there are rotties that attack babies - probably because they are teased and beaten by their owners

    Do not judge the dog judge the owners


    if a stray dog bites you, did you ever think that the dog is in survival mode (it may have been beaten and dumped) it may be starving.

    Once again don't blame the dogs blame the owners
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    My sister (who loves dogs, and was in her 20's at the time) was attacked by an Alsation for no apparent reason. The owners didn't even apologise and very quickly grabbed the dog and left. She called the police...

    She wasn't badly hurt as she was wearing fairly thick clothing, so the bite didn't really get through. But there was some bruising.

    They never caught the owners though.
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    I've been chased by one, but not attacked.

    I was at my aunties house in Mauritious where they use guard dogs.

    They have two houses with their garden inbetween them and I slept in the smaller house. I woke up and made my way to the other house to eat and saw one of them just staring at me, I did my best to ignore it and carry on walking.

    Next thing I know, it's barking like mad and chasing after me, I managed to get back to the house I sleep in before it bit me but one of my flip flops came off and I saw the thing with my flip flop in its mouth from the window.
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    Yep, by two german shepards when walking my labrador.

    Two that were not on leads came up when I was walking my dog to the park,

    One bit into the back of my leg but my dog fought that one off (most awesome dog ever) and I then kicked the second dog incredibly hard in the leg. When both dogs backed off my dog was inbetween us and was barking and forcing them away when they came near (admitably the second dog was now limping)
    Luckily a police car drover past and they helped out. When the dogs were caught and siezed (the owner finally came) and as per the police report the one that bit me was put down eventually after being monitored.
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    Yep, when I was 5 by a neighbour's Rottweiler. I was petrified of dogs for years after (and to be honest I was pretty scared of them beforehand anyway). It took a LOT of encouragement from my mother, and a lovely little west highland terrier called Joey belonging to my an elderly couple, to get me over my fear when I was about 9 years old.

    That Rotty went on to savage a lady a couple of years later, and his owner put him down.
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    Police Dog :cry2: quite disturbing
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    When I was young, we had a 6 month old toy-sized puppy torn limb from limb by two bull terriers in a completely unprovoked attack. She died before we could get her to the vets. I believe it emerged later that the same two dogs had previously bitten a child, and so they were destroyed in the end. For several years after that, we always carried a short wooden truncheon to protect our dogs in the event of another attack.

    With a subsequent dog, he was attacked on three separate occasions - each time by black labs, but always walked by different people, so we have to assume that it was a different dog each time. Each attack was unprovoked (the one that I was present for, the dog simply ran over, flipped him on his back and went for the throat; our dog was not a dog that ever showed any form of aggression), on a dog that was about 12" at the shoulder, and on one occasion he ended up having to have emergency surgery to stitch his head wounds back together again.

    None of these breeds were banned, but none of the attacking dogs were either on a lead or muzzled - and one suspects that they had previously shown some form of aggression to other dogs, so they should have done one / both. Frankly, it's a mystery to me why black labs are considered to be family pets after the experiences we've had with them.
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    (Original post by kka25)

    How do you handle such situation?

    *Have nothing against dogs btw lol.
    Luckily i didn't get attacked but my cat did. :eek:
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    Thankfully not, no.

    My dog's been attacked before when I've been there. I didn't know what else to do, so I kicked the other dog in the head until it let go of my dog's neck.
    Thankfully there was no lasting damage, although the other dog's teeth made mincemeat of my dog's - leather - collar. Christ knows what would have happened if the collar had been in a slightly different place.
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    Once, a couple of months ago. I was volunteering at a local dog charity (they never put down a dog unless it physically cannot survive without life support) so they have an...eclectic collection. There's this one dog there called Kaiser, a Staffie I think. We were taking him for a walk when he suddenly turned around with a venomous white colouring in his eyes and went for my leg. Luckily he only managed to grab the material before I'd pushed him off and the walker pulled him back. I had no anger towards Kaiser though because it's a rule that he only walks with those he knows because he despises strangers. Thus it was my own fault for walking too closely.

    Honestly, it increased my sympathy for dogs in charities. The reason he hates strangers is that for the first 8 years of his life he was used as a fighting dog. One time, when he refused to fight, the disgusting owners broke his jaw. And that doesn't even cover the general abuse he got.

    But bar all that, a dog's never attacked me. Unless you count gentle chewing on my wrist by my own dog when I'm playing with her.
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    No, never. We have two dogs at home, greyhounds, and they have never shown any sign of intended aggression towards us. I say intended because one of our greys often gets very startled if she is woken. She sleeps so lightly that she once awoke when I walked past her and she growled at me, but only because she was surprised. She immediately looked up at me and offered me her paw (she does this funny thing where she does a handshake motion until you take her paw and stroke it).
    Sometimes I see stories in the news where attacks seem provoked, whether unintentional or not. I once read a story where a lady let her dog (it was actually a greyhound ) sleep on her bed, and got attacked one night when her dog suddenly awoke and mistook her for a threat. I am probably going to get negged to death for this, but why are you allowing an animal to share your sleeping space with you? Especially an animal that has the potential to do you serious harm? Greyhounds are VERY gentle as a breed, but ANY dog could turn on you. All it takes is a moment of fear, even if that fear is not rational in our eyes, for an animal to lash out. Fortunately, as I remember it, the lady in the story understood she was at fault and did not blame her dog, although it was still put down.
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    Not me personally, but a friend of mine had her lip basically ripped in half by our friends dog at a party. Completely unprovoked and the dog had been the most docile thing in the world until that incredibly random moment. It was genuinely terrifying and certainly didn't change my preference for cats over dogs.
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    (Original post by tnajamie)
    PLEASE people realise that it is not the dog, it is the owners and the way they treat the dogs.

    I mean my friends has a HUGE rottie and he licks little babies and plays with all dogs no problem.

    and then there are rotties that attack babies - probably because they are teased and beaten by their owners

    Do not judge the dog judge the owners


    if a stray dog bites you, did you ever think that the dog is in survival mode (it may have been beaten and dumped) it may be starving.

    Once again don't blame the dogs blame the owners
    Er, that may theory work some of the time but not always. See my experience for one. A docile older dog that has never been aggressive in the slightest walks over to my friend and lunges on her face, ripping her lip in half. Totally and utterly unprovoked at a quiet 'party' (6 of us) in my friends living room. Animals can just be incredibly unpredictable.
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    I know someone who was walking their dog (Spaniel) last week and a dog jumped over the fence of its garden to attack the dog. When he went to kick the dog it bit him in the leg.

    How to deal with it- get out your mobile phone, and call the RSPCA. Simple.
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    Attacked by a friends alsation guard dog. Wasnt the best experience i guess but still love dogs only a small scar on my cheek now, its faded over the years
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    Got bitten in the bum by a boxer dog... Owned by a copper, him and his wife were out at work all day basically leaving a couple of young male dogs in the house to wind eachother up and bark at passers by. Front window on their house was quite high so the dogs had to jump up to see if there was anyone there to bark at.... And if there was the jumping got really frenzied.
    So i walk past this house and the dogs start going nuts, then just as I'm past the window shatters and the dogs jump out and one of them bit my backside (ripping a hole in the trousers)
    expect to get told that there's no way a dog's intelligent enough to head butt it's way through a window in order to bite someone but it was imo an accidental breakage the dogs had been chucking themselves against that window since they were a lot smaller and didn't realise how big and strong they'd grown.
    Ps like dogs really , worked in a kennels one summer and i'm pretty good at not getting bitten. (don't act like a namby panby if a dog tries to bully you- works for pet dogs who are usually just curious and trying to work out your pack status... not ones that have been trained to bite)
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    I've been attacked by dogs a few times as a child and quite recently. Despite being afraid of them I am a dog owner. Actually, most of the times I have been bitten by dogs was when I had to break up dog fights. My little corgi gets attacked pretty often

    I never had any serious injuries, just a lot of punctures and bruises. Even though it hurts like a bitch I was lucky enough not to get any infections. Getting rabies and tetanus shots after being bitten by a stray dog can be really annoying =/
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    (Original post by Golden_Boy786)
    Luckily i didn't get attacked but my cat did. :eek:

    What happened!? Poor cat


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