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Social anxiety is ruining up my life

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    My SA is so bad that it is controlling my life. The main impact it has had is that is has prevented me from going to uni and now I have fallen way behind and I will not be able to catch up so I have basically failed uni and screwed my life up. Every time I try to go, I feel so sick and try so hard not to burst out in to tears and I start shaking sometimes, I am sure that SA is making me physically sick as well. The deadlines are due in over this week and next week and I have no idea what I am doing. They are probably going to kick me out and I can't retake the year due to the tuition fees increasing in September. The money student finances gave me will have to go back leaving me broke and in debt. My family isn't in the best financial situation either; my mum is ill so her hours have been cut a lot and my dad got made redundant and is finding it hard to get another job. I tried to get help before things got any worse but failed. I e-mailed the counselling service at my uni 3 weeks ago and still haven't got an appointment. I phoned them up a few days ago and they said they are fully booked and they are not sure when I can get an appointment. I then phoned the doctors and they said the next appointment is on the 20th March which is too late and there are no other doctors I can see. I already had extensions earlier on in the year due to other reasons so I doubt they would give me more without a doctors note. I have looked at every option available in and around my area as an alternative to uni and there is nothing. I know I am reaching breaking point and I am just waiting for the one thing to set me off. I just don't know what to do any more
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    Watch the testimony of Steve Carr, about 40% down this list.

    Posting anonymously as I too have SA.

    I know exactly how you feel.

    I can't offer any advice because I'm in a mess myself but I know exactly how you're feeling and it's horrible.



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