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Where can a history degree take me?

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    Ive just been having a debate with my brother, and come to think of it ive had a few people sneer at the idea of doing a history degree. Saying stuff like where is that going to take you unless you want to be a history teacher, where will knowing about henry Vlll get oyu in the future etc.

    I tell them that its not the narrative that gets you the job but the key skills of critical thinking and evaluation as well as research skills make you a more well rounded candidate for a wider pool of jobs.

    But when he asks for examples i dont know exactly what to give as im merely quoting what uni lecturers and others have said. I dont want to feel like im studying a redundant subject. Can anyone shed some light on this ?

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    Teaching, Law, Academia, Media, Politics, Journalism, Tourism etc
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    Hi there,

    I agree that it does give you soft skills that employers see as well as key analytical skills.

    I think that it's very important that alongside getting these skills through your degree, you should get relevant work experience in the field that you want to do...

    Without that you'll find it hard to get onto the work ladder...

    Hope that helps! Even doing science or maths, without work experience students will find it hard to get work... Tell him that!


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Updated: April 3, 2012
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