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Would you ever do cam shows for money?

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    So basically I am in desperate need for money and before you say, oh just sell things, find a job, do mini jobs, I either have or can't do!

    So I signed myself up to be a cam model and was wondering peoples opinions on it?
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    I could care less, if my identity isnt revealed and I am making money from it then its something i will look into
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    Give us the link and we can "talk" online sweet cheeks xxxxxxxxxxxx

    (Joking btw. But seriously, link
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    no, me personally I would not do that. I would think really carefully of other options.

    It all depends on what you plan to do career wise in the future and the way you would feel if your friends and family ever found out. In the past I have participated in a bit of text/phone sex work (friends and family knew all about it - they all found it amusing) but I would not want to do cam too much work Especially as preview ads pop up with some websites that aren't even sex-related. The thought of someone finding out or it haunting me in the future it's too big a risk plus I do not want my face and body to be publicly exposed and out there for all sundry to copy as well as taking screen shots and capturing video. If I didn't have these qualms all do a lot more than cam. If you're cool with it and willing to face the consequences you should go for it. Although I've heard it is hard work as a lot of guys will just want freebies and will try to find out your real name, facebook account, email etc. Phone/texting is the same in the end you realise it is not worth it.
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    People will eventually find out. Nothing on the internet stays secret.
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    (Original post by dgeorge)
    Give us the link and we can "talk" online sweet cheeks xxxxxxxxxxxx

    (Joking btw. But seriously, link
    if you get guys like this...id reconsider
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    Would only consider this once you've exhausted all avenues OP.. If I were female I'd worry about the reputational element vs. future prospects (employment/love life), and then there's the (small) chance someone you know may see you getting down n dutty! Yikes!

    (Original post by KatiePanicPots)
    if you get guys like this...id reconsider
    Sense o humour fail :rolleyes:
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    Anybody else?
    I am a female, 21 years old..
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    It's fine. You are unlikely to get found out.

    Btw, Pm me the site link and I'll go private with you. I'm serious :-)
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    Think about it, and if you really want to do it then i see no problem and dont think about what others thing, its your life, not theirs and if a guy doesn't want to date you becuase of this than there not worth it.

    But be careful, and try not to show your face as it could be someone you know/limit your chances of a job..!
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    I hear a lot of these cam show companies are pretty shady so i'd be careful and do your research. Ask other women/men who do cam shows.
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    Yes but I doubt that a man would popular enough to make decent money/tokens.
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    No, I wouldn't. It's degrading. Not because I don't like showing my body off but because of the scrutiny and the amount of disgusting perverted old men. Sometimes I just wish it was acceptable for everyone to walk naked in the street and no one would give you a second glance for it.

    I went on a cam site once just to see what it was like for the strippers. It was an open cam type of thing so she didn't actually do much but people threw "tips" at her.

    The comments literally made my blood boil. Even when the comments weren't degrading, each of them were assuming that the girl genuinely liked them and did it for them. For some reason, when men assume that someone doing it for money is enjoying the act/their company, it bothers me quite a bit.
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    I wouldn't because any pervy guy could be looking at you, and because of my future career.
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    Why don't you try and set up your own business instead i.e a stall ? No offence if you can't , use the cam thing as a last resort
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    As somebody level headed and rational I see no problem with it.
    I neither condemn or condone it so to speak.

    If you find it an easy way of getting money, and enjoy it somewhat, than what's the problem?

    How how how?
    How is a Woman using her sexuality to get money off some lonely or bored men degrading? Surely it's a crafty business opportunity of sorts.


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