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Is Obama The Greatest US President Of All Time??

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    I think it's best to wait until his presidency is over before answering
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    You really don't know 99% of the things he does, if you did you wouldn't rank him so highly.
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent;3681325 0)
    You cannot possibly be serious :facepalm2:
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    Of course he must be the greatest of all.

    He won the peace Nobel prize after having in the presidency for a few months having settled the Israel-Palestine issue

    He defeated the talibans with his surge.

    He closed Guantanamo Bay.

    Obama killed Osama having followed the due laws and processes... Hurray!!!

    He withdrew from Iraq which thankfully is now a very peaceful and democratic country with only a few suicide bombs upon the civilians and a few corrupt and murderous politicians.

    He along with Cameron and Sarkozy helped the Libyans achieve democracy.

    He threw Mubarak under the bus hence enabling the Egyptians achieve their democracy as well.

    He spoke with Ahmadinejad and achieved peace with Iran, who are now best buddies with Israel.

    He lifted the embargo on Cuba and even invited the Castro brothers for lunch at Camp David.

    He reigned in the bankers and their bonuses, those Occupy protestors were misguided and irrelevant.

    He passed the health care laws that will constitutionally oblige all Americans buy insurance from those charitable insurance companies who will definitely keep their premiums very low.

    He repealed the homophobic 'Don't ask don't tell' laws which will hopefully stop being implemented in the US military some time in the future.

    Under the Obama presidency Americans are very happy with their ultra-low unemployment, gas prices, debt and everbooming economy.

    All hail president Obama who happens to be the most qualified president ever and we should all pray that Americans will not be dumb enough to vote for that former Governor who is a mormon businessman with zero idea about the economy or business. Obama is best
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    (Original post by cgraham15)
    Abraham Lincoln.
    That isn't an argument or counter-argument.

    It's a noun.
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    I think Roosevelt and Truman did a fairly good job on profiteering from WWII. Set America up nicely!
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    (Original post by Aspiringlawstudent)
    That isn't an argument or counter-argument.

    It's a noun.

    Okay, Abraham Lincoln because:

    Emancipation Proclamation (although, it is debateable how much he contributed to it); his dedication to the continuation of the Civil Way, thus ensuring Southern defeat and the preservation of the Union (and the abolition of slavery). Due to this, without him the United States may not have existed today as we know it.
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    I like Obama because I'm an African-American celebrity who will never criticise him because he's the same race as me (although not really).
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    Obama hasn't even got legit birth certificates, they're fabricated.

    He's not American, nor is he human, he is a reptilian! :P
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    Great celebrity yes and great at proving how obsessed with a persons race USA still is as that's probably the only thing most of them know about him is his race well they know he's black. Great president though no
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    He's a strong orator and statesman, and he seems to have a fair amount of genuine charm, something which the likes of Blair or Brown or Cameron never managed. In that respect, he makes a good Presidential figure. He's got something of that character and used to inspire a great deal of hope.

    Unfortunately, it's very difficult to tell how effective he has been. There have been some good points, but the economic collapse (which isn't really his fault) has overshadowed his presidency. The failures regarding Guantanamo Bay and the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan aren't positives either and should be addressed if he wants to claw back some popularity.

    Then again, there's a lot of Republican hatred for Obama, despite the fact that he seems to have done very little either way. He gets blamed for the economic crisis, despite the fact that America was making a good stab at recovering. I can't tell how much, good or bad, is due to him. He'll take the credit for Bin Laden and the recent reduction in unemployment - there's a good chance he could get back in if he can make some progress up to election time, particularly with such a weak Republican field.

    I think, overall, he's been a bit disappointing. It was very easy to get carried away by his speeches and all the enthusiasm about hope for peace in the world. He hasn't really delivered, but he hasn't screwed up too badly either. He's decent without being extremely good or extremely bad. Is he better than Bush? I think so. I certainly wouldn't prefer Mitt Romney either!

    Also: Reagan and FDR ftw!
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    He's not perfect obviously, but at least he's not a delusional religious nutcase that claims to be in dialogue with an imaginary god.
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    He hasn't done much. But that's not to say he hasn't tried. I think if he were to be reelected then maybe he can be one of the better presidents the U.S. has had, but he really has not been able to accomplish enough in his term to deem him the best (or the worst, for that matter.)
    I think he gets blamed for a lot, many of which he had little to do with. So, right now, he pretty much has the worst job in the world. He really cannot please anyone.

    But we'll see what happens. I certainly prefer him over predecessor.
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    Not the best, but by no means the worst!
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    It would help if he transforms his speeches into actions...
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    He is a good speaker. I quite like him, but he hasn't really had a backbone his entire presidency. Not as bad as a lot of people make him out to be though.
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    In the words of Noam Chomsky "he's worse than Bush".

    If you get your opinions from the BBC and Russell Howard then he is actually a prophet who will cure all ills.
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    Easily the coolest.

    Plus I feel safe that if a meteorite was to hit the earth he'd be able to stop it. Which tbh that's all I need in a President
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    (Original post by Aj12)
    Thats hardly a measure of success since Hitler, Stalin and Mao could all manage the same thing.
    Perhaps the greatest leaders of their respective countries.

    Absolutely horrible, but as far as leading a country goes, they each had incredible abilities.
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    (Original post by tommy1311)
    Perhaps the greatest leaders of their respective countries.

    Absolutely horrible, but as far as leading a country goes, they each had incredible abilities.
    Great leaders don't run their countries into the ground as Hitler and Mao did, to some extent Stalin too.

    Hitler and Mao were both awful at running countries, Hitler left it to the men around him and whenever Mao intervened he screwed things up. Look at the great leap forward and cultural revolution.


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