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Is there any show in the history of television as addictive as Prison Break season 1?

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    What the fu-ck.
    For two days I have had this exact thought since I started watching it.
    Then this thread just pops up on TSR.
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    (Original post by TomDixie)
    I give to you The Wire - Season 4, the greatest season in the history of television.

    The whole show is a cut above anything else I've ever watched, but season 4 is the pinnacle.
    I won't argue, although 3 might be my favourite due to you know who getting shot. However, Breaking Bad S4 is amongst the best television I've ever seen and it is definitely up there with the Wire (but has more genuine tension; they are quite different shows since The Wire plays more like a drama novel).

    However, The Wire requires more investment. It's intelligent and smart. I wouldn't call it addictive like Prison Break. It's totally different and sophisticated. No offence, but average Joe just won't be able to follow the Wire which is why I've given up recommending it to friends and family.
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    (Original post by ThaChronic)
    Brilliant show Breaking Bad. All I can say.
    Season 4 left me thinking "wow". Consistently amazing! All seasons are TV gold though.
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    Have to agree with the thread title because it was that gripping. I watched it when it first aired on C5 which entailled a one week wait til the next episode I think the nature of it being about a prison escape against all odds and episodes ending with cliffhangers is why it was so good. But it wasn't a powerful tv series like The Wire. Just really entertaining. Strangely I never watched the next series.


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