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Hollister didnt reply

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    Hi, my brother went to a hollister interview and they said they would get back to him in 2 weeks however they never got back to him, we know he didnt get the job but why didnt they get back to him?
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    (not srs): Not only was he too ugly to be employed, but he was in fact SO damn ugly, that they decided that he, his face and his body weren't worth the rejection phonecall.

    Just a suggestion, don't hold me to that.

    (srs): If he really wants to know, he probably should call them up and ask himself. Me personally? I'm not sure if I would bother looking for C.V. critique from a clothes shop.
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    I know someone that worked there, who said if they have someone that they really don't like the look of they'll completely ignore them, not even bother with a reply. This might have just been that one store, however.
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    I suspect they had a pretty high volume of applicants. If he's that bothered I suggest he rings them/goes in and asks them what happened. Realistically, he didn't get the job if they never called him back, but they might be able to give him some feedback as to why not for future reference.
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    They only ring you back if they want to hire you.


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