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Senior Physics Challenge 2012

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    oh... I don't think that's the case, mucgoo.
    I'm very clear about doing physics, and that's the reason why I got the chance to take the test - out of everyone who wanted to do it.
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    just out of interest what maths modules have people done so far who get on (or are doing this june)?

    for reference
    C1 C2 (C3) (C4) M1 (M2) S1 (D1) FP1
    brackets are ones this june
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    How are you doing so many. Self studying?
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    nope, we just have a great maths teacher(s) all in class.
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    That's impressive. What are you planning to do next year with only 3 modules left to finish?
    I just need to get FP1 out of the way then can start on that lovely booklet which without C3/4 it seems is going too be much harder from whats been said.

    Also does anyone have any idea where we're staying. I've got the impression we're hosted by various colleges and meet up each day?
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    probably do a few extra for the hell of it,, and just take it easy and do lots of extra practicals that look fun, even with c3/4 some of that booklet looks a bit complicated yeah I think we get placed in different colleges and then meet up.
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    hey powerhouse, I'm doing exactly the same modules except that I'm doing D2 instead of M2. I'll be doing M2 next year.
    Has anyone received an email to confirm that they have received the letter?
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    Nothing yet. It was reply by the 11th so I'll doubt they'll do anything till then or they've received everyone's replies.
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    They say in the letter that unless they receive the paper copy by the 11th, they will offer your place to another student. I am a bit worried that I might have sent it to the wrong address or that there is a problem with the delivery of the letter.
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    I haven't got anything either. Don't worry.

    How are you expected too just realise that. The calculus used is M2 level apart from anything else.
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    For ex 1.3
    T=2rt(10)/7*rt(Xo) all over sintheta
    It give me the right answer when I check against SUVAT's for theta=90
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    So which college are you all staying at?
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    Corpus Christi here, Red group.
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    (Original post by pzennyt)
    Corpus Christi here, Red group.
    I'm at Robinson.

    :five: I'm red group too
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    St. John's College, red group as well
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    Corpus and blue.
    Anyone getting the kings cross train? Or better yet Portsmouth-Waterloo line.
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    Yep: Getting on at Woking.
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    I'll probably be on the trains that arrives at Waterloo at 15:14 if you want to meet on the train?
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    Robinson Red :cool:

    Train organising can be done closer to the date.
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    Has anyone read the quantum primer btw?

    Mind****ing stuff


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