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What do YOU include in a finger buffet?

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    I'm doing a finger buffet for a birthday party next week and I just wondered what everybody else usually includes? Mine will have pizza, sausage rolls, sausages on sticks, crisps, assorted sandwiches, salad, spicy risotto, tuna cous cous, sweets, drinks and of course the cake

    Don't forget cheese and pineapple on a stick - very retro!

    Stuff like mini samosas and stuffed jalapenos always go down well too.

    Depends who it is for.

    If it's for a kids party, I tend to do :

    fairy cakes/buns
    cocktail sausages and cheese on sticks
    sausage rolls
    cherry tomatoes
    crisps (various types)
    sandwiches (various types) cut into triangles
    mini scotch eggs
    chocolate fingers

    If it's an adult party I do :

    a large tureen of bolognese, with nachos, so people can get a bowl of bolognese for themselves and dip nachos in
    nibbly crackery things like prezels, ritz biscuits, stuff like that
    sausage rolls
    houmous (various types) and carrot sticks
    mini pizzas
    chicken drumsticks / bbq chicken drumsticks

    mini eclairs!

    Real fingers.


    Cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple on sticks, onion bahjis, samosas, cold chicken nuggets, small chicken tikka chunks, chicken legs, bowls of crisps, ham sandwiches, breadsticks, mini pasties, mini sausage rolls, pink wafer biscuits, small bowls of Haribo starmix, mini cupcakes. Om nom!
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    (Original post by Goody2Shoes-x)
    Thanks all. Some good suggestions there that I hadn't thought of yet it's for adults btw.

    All of the above but always a cold chicken nugget / goujon. Tuna and cucumber sandwiches. Crisps and dips.
    Loads of cakes / buns / biscuits


    Adult parties:

    Chicken drumsticks- herb and jerk
    TRIFLE- epicly large trifle mind
    Nachos & Dips & cheese straws
    Sarnies: cheese, tuna& cucumber, etc etc
    MACARONI- a massive traybake of it
    Samosas & bhajis
    Coleslaw/potato salad
    Mini pizzas
    cocktail cheese & pineapple
    chapati/roti curry breads

    Then the usual: sweets,cupcakes, chocs, vodka jellies etc

    It's weird because my family has parties mainly with the trifles,quiches , dips etc, my best friend's west indian family has the chicken,macaroni,rice,curry goat etc and my other good friend has the whole rice, bhaji/samosa, dhaal kinda thing.

    I guess I have a bit of a **** mix at parties but food is good. I enjoy when people eat well and drink well.


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