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Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink?

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    Ice cold glass of magners in the sun <3
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    Morgan Spiced Rum (and Coke).

    With a touch of lime cordial. Mmm..
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    sex on the beach cocktail
    ooor most things with vodka...
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    My favorite drink is Mojito - perfect blend of white rum, brown sugar, mint, lime and lots of ice.
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    facking gorgeous
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    I love well made mojito's, but as I can never make them right myself, vodka and tropical juice!
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    a drink that you all may not be familiar with called "calpol"
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    Capri sun :L
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    Cider, either Thatchers Gold or Katy, both are amazing. Plus also whisky (Famous Grouse is my favourite)
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    Can't beat Carlsberg chilled in a bottle.
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    (Original post by PaperBoy)
    Yep, I am a pussy but I really like Smirnoff Ice.
    :lol: are you serious?? smirnoff ice shouldnt be counted as an alcoholic drink! you cant get drunk off that stuff!
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    Gin (Hendrick's all the way) and lime or blackcurrant.
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    malibu and lemonade or coke is amazeballsss
    also, vodka and cranberry juice but not the cheap stuff! or else it tastes absolutely RANK
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    beer cider wine whisky rum and gin are the only respectable answers to this question if we're honest
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    Overwhelming amounts of smirnoff ice are good but
    a.) You spend the night pissing
    b.) Too much citrus does things to your insides (or maybe that's the vodka )

    I'm not a beer person, but I'll take Absolut on the rocks anyday. Especially in europe, it seems milder there.

    Living as I am in Central and South America most of my boozing is off of rum and aguardiente though, can't beat a half -litre of flor de caña 7 años with a bucket of ice and a few lemons for five quid
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    (Original post by py0alb)
    beer cider wine whisky rum and gin are the only respectable answers to this question if we're honest
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    (Original post by minniiee)

    Well, what else is there? Almost every other concoction is just a method of attempting to avoid tasting the alcoholic beverage, its kinda missing the point, like saying your favourite type of steak is steak flavoured crisps.
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    Bacardi Breezer

    Mulled wine



    Guiness (mixed with juice)
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    I was forgetting a Britvic gin tonic
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    At the moment the sun is making me crave Pimm's.


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